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De Addiction

De - Addiction ( नशा मुक्ति )

De-addiction is an important human goal, which aims to free the individual and society from the evil of addiction.

De-addiction means freeing a person or society from addiction, i.e. prevention from drug addiction or an attempt to get rid of the addiction. 

And at the same time, priority has to be given to the healthy and positive lifestyle of the person or society and protection has to be provided from the harmful effects of addiction.

The importance of de-addiction is not only for the health and life of an individual, but is also extremely important for the development of society. 

Drug abuse is the main reason for crime, poverty, and breakdown of families in society.

We know that human beings are the most intelligent and powerful on this earth and try every possible way to make their life happy but due to lack of good education, people become victims of addiction and other physical consequences at an early age and remain addicted to drugs for life.

India is considered as young country. We have to save the youth from drugs and use the youth power in nation building.

Statistics show that ten crore people in the country are in the grip of drugs, most of whom are youth. This is very worrying.

Every year twenty five hundred to three thousand youth are dying due to drug addiction.

To avoid drug addiction, the youth should be connected with social activities as well as sports and nation building activities.

What percentage of youth is addicted?

The proportion of young people taking substances as a habit, which indicates addiction, almost trebled from 5% in 2021 to 14% in 2022.

What is the percentage of drug addicts in India?

6 crore people (14.6%) between the age of 10 and 75 years are current users of alcohol, and out of them, 5.2% are alcohol dependents.

How many people die due to drugs in India?

Overall, as many as 681 persons, including 116 women, lost their lives due to drug overdose in the country in 2022.

Addiction deteriorates mental and physical health. It also affects a person's personal and professional life and damages their relationships.

Several key aspects are being worked on to spread awareness in society and prevent drug abuse.

De-addiction is essential for the development of our society. It is our responsibility to work hard to get rid of addiction and help save our society from the harmful effects of addiction.

Addiction-related disease experts believe that people who consume tobacco have a shorter lifespan because it has a bad effect on teeth, eyes, mouth and lungs. 

Tobacco is consumed orally, so it first affects the mouth, where serious diseases like oral cancer and tooth loss occur.

Nicotine found in tobacco increases blood pressure, which causes diseases like difficulty in breathing, dizziness and weakness. That is, addiction is completely fatal for us.

Drug addiction is harmful for everyone. It can affect everyone, be it a man or a woman. 

But drug addiction can ruin the entire life of women. The "miscarriage rate" of drug addicted women is 15% higher than that of drug-free women.

Women get heart attacks, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, pneumonia, menstrual problems and reproductive diseases if they eat it. Which can spoil their whole life.

Government of India has launched many campaigns. Like - "Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan"

Under the de-addiction campaign, the following types of schemes or campaigns have been launched by the central and state governments to get people away from addiction, such as 

training programs, awareness programs and rescue facilities etc. 

Apart from this, many organizations are also formed in the society against alcohol and drugs.

The government has started many schemes and programs for de-addiction, which are as follows:-

  • Stopping the drug trade
  • Restrictions on sale and consumption 
  • Awareness program against drug addiction
  • Establishment of De-Addiction Centres
  • Providing drug treatment facilities
  • Promoting a drug-free lifestyle
  • Drug Abuse Education Program 
  • Establishment of anti-addiction organization
  • Drug awareness programmes (etc.)

Apart from this, the government has started awareness and education programs to make people socially and psychologically aware to keep the youth away from drugs.