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Collaboration and Partnership | collaboration and Partnership b.ed notes

What is Competition ?

Meaning of Competition :-

When there is competition it may be between two or twenty or any number, there is test of strength, skills, ability, etc. Each one tries to excel the other, not caring for the interests of others. He alone is there for everything. Whatever means he/she adopts-fair or foul uses them and tries to be above everything. Goodness or welfare of others is not at all in his mind. There is rivalry, jealousy, nothing human, nothing good from human point of view. All this leading to modernisation of one's own only may be at the cost of others, is not good at all

Advantages of Competition

1. One individual or organisation through competitive spirit may be able to do more work in less time.

2. There is individualistic approach. One has to face very little of criticism.

Disadvantages of Competition


1. Through competiton, over all less of modernisation will be achieved.

2. It will lead to unhealthy environment which does not make an individual a useful person for the society.

3. Means to be used will be bad an sometimes they may be worse.

4. Latest knowledge of anything which is the basic requirement of modernisation is not acquired

5. Over all achievement is poor

6. There is no standard performance.

7. Non justice is given to anybody or any work

8. There is poor and negative attitude towards work.

9. It is all individual centred and there is no scope for co-operation.

10. Rigid attitude is there. There is less scope for co-operation.

11. It makes people narrow minded

12. There is no logic and no rationality.

13. There is no respect for dignity of an individual

14. It is not far sighted

15. Immediate present is cared for. There is no care for the future times.

What is Collaboration ?

Meaning of Collaboration :-


Collaboration means working with the help or guidance of others who may be superior, more experienced, well to do, etc. one is the associate of the other or others as the case may be. There is association of labour, associating from guidance point of view etc. In this case, there is no understand. There is co-operation of outward type. and understand there may be enmity even.

Collaboration is better than competition in certain respects.

In competition, one is so jealous of the other that there is open enmity whereas in collaboration, it is not all time enmity, there may be goodness and sometimes the relations may come out to be very good ultimately.

When one party collaborates with the other, there is some respect and regard surely for each other. There is some understanding with each other from the beginning. Inwardly, there may be some complex or complexes in the minds but the two work together for the outcome of the overall business though for each other they may no have liking or goodness at heart.

Advantages of Collaboration


1. Means used to become modern are good. So, it leads to better environment.

2. It helps in industrialisation. When there is collaboration between a superior party with the junior, the result is good.

3. There is standard performance and thus there is improvement in value system

4. It is more progressive type. It helps in the development of positive attitude.

Disadvantages of Collaboration


1. There may not be good understanding between the two parties

2. One may remain in superiority complex and the other may continue with interiority complex

3. It may or may not be broad minded. To some extent, there may be narrow mindedness.

4. It may not be fully rational may be it is rational or some extent only.

What is Partnership ?

Meaning of Partnership :-

In partnership, each one is with the other whether there is profit or loss. Both in good days and in bad days, they are together. They sink together and also swim together.

In partnership, there is full understanding of each other. Only on that bases, they join together, work together, put their shares in business or work. One partner may be having bigger share and the other may be having lesser share. They work according to the terms and conditions of the agreement made in advance.


Compared to competition, it is far better. Compared to collaboration, it comes out to be far better. In partnership, there is full understanding. Each party shares risks and profits. Everything goes on in the light of understanding made in advance. The resultant may be bad or not successful but from the beginning there is nothing bad in the minds or in the heart of hearts.

Partnership can play greater role in the programme of modernisation. Its advantages and disadvantages are as under:

Advantages of Partnership

1. In partnership, there is food understanding between the parties because they lay down certain terms and conditions of agreement before entering into partnership.

It leads to more congenial environment.

2. It helps in the advancement of the nation and better future

3. It helps in developing favourable attitude among the individuals.


4. Generally good value system is developed.

5. There is standard performance. Good means are used to achieve the goals.

6. There is full respect for the dignity of each individual.

7. It helps in developing universal brotherhood

8. It is very dynamic which helps in the progress of the work and that ultimately helps in modernisation.

9. It develops rational and critical thinking.

10. It us fully in tune with the times

11. It helps in the improvement of human and non-human resources.

Disadvantages of Partnership


Comparatively speaking, partnership has more of merits and very few demerits. A few limitations of it are as under:

1. Mutual faith is the bases of partnership. If there is some misunderstanding between the two, it may create problems

Modernisation through partnership with others is the need of the hour. That can help in every way to become prosperous. That can ensure proper growth and development.

That can lead to one brotherhood.