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Patriarchy b.ed notes in English | Characteristics of Patriarchy| Merits and Demerits of Patriarchy

What is Patriarchy ? 

Gender School And Society 


Patriarchy is a system of society where the males holds the power.

It is a social system in which the oldest male of the family is leader or head of the family. All right, power and property is transferred from father to son.

A society that gives more social, political and economic power to men. It is common around the world and throughout the society. Females lives restricted life in such society. In other words, man rules the society and women serves.

A society that gives more social, political and economic power to men is called Patriarchy.


The literal meaning of patriarchy is “the rule of the father.” The dominance of men ruling the political and social aspects of life is found in this social system, with men holding the right to inherit property and money.

Patriarchy is the name given to the order of society where males are considered more privileged and more powerful to the opposite sex.

Example - The family name or last name comes from the man in the family. Children born to a couple have traditionally always given the family name of father and never of mother.

Example - The house is known from father's name not from mother's name.


a) Male Dominance


The society is been dominated by male. He is the one who will take all the decisions.

b) Male Identification

The identification of everything is from male. For e.g.-The last name or surname of a girl is of father before marriage and after marriage of a husband.

c) Male Centeredness

Male is the center of everything. For e.g.-The owner of the property is male not female.

d) Obsession with control 


All the powers are in control of man. He is the highest power in the society. He will give the permission for everything. Every decision will be taken by man.

e) Oppression of women

Women are dominated by men in the society.

Women are supposed to serve the men. They have to do household work and take care of family.

f) Legal Provisions are in favor of men

In a Patriarchy society all the rights and laws are the favor of men. Women do not have any right for them. For e.g. If a marriage ends, the custody children goes to father.

g) Males do not Compromises


There is no kind of compromises from men, a woman only adjusts without any complaint.

For e.g. After marriage females shift to husband's family.

h) In a patriarchal system, men make all decisions both in the family as well as in society.

i) Men hold all positions of power and authority.

j) Men are considered superior.

k) Men are considered with identification that includes qualities of control, forcefulness strength, strong work ethic, rationality, and competitiveness.

l) Men will have the control at all times on finances and education.

m) Women will not be allowed to raise up to leadership levels or make decisions.

n) Women will not be allowed to suggest changes to any social order.


o) From values, rituals and traditions to laws and formal institutions like governments, power within a society will be focused on uplifting men.


  • The leader of the family is already decided, So there is no dispute or question.
  • In this system, no more burden of leadership or responsibility given to women so that they can focus their primary responsibilities of nurturing children.
  • Many women feel valued for their unique contribution in patriarchal system.
  • It gives a structure to the society and a place and role for everyone.
  • A male is only head who gives direction to the family members and encourage them to serve others 



  • This system completely disregard the role of women.
  • Women are not provide equal status of men.
  • In patriarchy system, Women are completely neglected and their path of development is blocked.
  • Women's are not involved in the decision making.
  • Women becomes victims of exploitation and harassment.

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