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How do Education and society influence each other| Influence of society on education

How do Education and society influence each other| Influence of society on education

Education plays a very important role in moulding the character of an individual. It is one of the concrete sources from which one get information and knowledge. It affects the society.

Its effective role can make sense from the following points:

1. Preservation and Transmission of Our Social, Moral and Cultural Values :

In Education, through curriculum, students will be acquainted with social, moral and cultural values and teachers make them familiar with values and ideal through different activities, games, story-telling etc.

Education makes them familiar with constitution, rules and regulations of citizens, and so on.

In NPE 1986, major objectives, to produce a productive citizen, have been fulfilled by education, so education preserves our values and it makes others to imbibe those values.


2. Awakening of Social Feelings :

Through education, individuals become aware about the importance of unity, love, fraternity and other values.

Education makes all people get awakened of being a part of society and how they can contribute the world as society.

People know different values and life skills and thus they develop concern for society, including social mindedness, values life stills. 'learning to be, learning to do, learning to know, learning to live together via different activities, such as story telling, dramatization, etc.

3. Political Development of Society :

Education makes aware about rights and duties of all, which are their responsibilities and duties, so that they can develop their civic sense.

Through different lessons of political leaders and stories, education develops ideal leadership quality, so that, in future, citizens can lead the country as a society.

4. Economic Development of Society :

Education develops skills in individual and makes him a productive citizen. Through education, everyone learns how to earn money and as per their qualification, he gets job or labour, and on the whole, with the help of education, more or less, everyone gets work and earns money, so due to increasing literacy, per capita income will increase and government will be helped in the form of tax and thus, our economy develops. Because of education, people migrate to other countries ard their earning helps to develop society, and the country. Thus, education affects the economic development of society.


5. Social Control :

Education makes all aware about customs and duties, and at the same time it makes us aware about the rules and regulations, as we find the rules in Indian constitution. People know how to preserve their lives, via education. They also become aware of crimes. Thus, education provides a guideline and it controls the society.

6. Social Changes and Reforms :

Education makes individuals perfect and aware about the rights. So, they can claim against dwelled superstitions, beliefs, which are harmful for them.

Through education, everyone learns how to live and how to save oneself from difficulty and how to inculcate values and ideals in their lives, so they can appeal in a court.

Education makes all aware about how to live peacefully and how to face difficulties in their lives. They become aware about the proverbs like 'nothing ventured, nothing gained', so they develop their risk, taking attitudes via education.

7. Socialization of a Child:

Education trains the mind of a child and it teaches him how to inculcate values in his life. It makes the child to understand the society and his roles towards society. He can learn that how he is a part of society, how he should behave, how he should interact with others, etc, Education helps him to understand himself and it develops a sense of a social being in him. In short, education socializes a child.


Thus, education produces productive citizens, it helps everyone how to flourish and makes them ideal citizens of society. To sum up, Education influences the society.