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Noam Chomsky Theory of Language Development b.ed notes

Noam Chomsky's Language Theory

Noam chomsky 's was an American Psychologist Who propounded many ideas and facts related to psychology. Of which comments on his language are world - famous.

He is also seen as father of language development and also called the father of language development. Due to which he is also seen as linguistic psychologists. He was a behaviorist. According to Chomsky, the child has the inborn ability to learn grammar and language.

This theory of Chomsky is also known as Psycho Linguistics Theory

Chomsky theory of Language Development

This theory was presented by Noam Chomsky in 1959. According to his theory, he admits that the child has innate capacity for learning a language, i.e. the ability to acquire a language is inherent in the child right from his childhood.

This ability to acquire language lasts for a certain time. The language acquisition capacity of the child is also impressive for the first five years. After that we have to face difficulties in learning a language. Because after that the ability to learn the language becomes less.

According to chomsky, the child has language acquisition tools ( Language Acquisition Device) LAD. With the help of which he learns a language fast. This instrument is a part of our brain which cannot be traced or seen. It is the gift of natural power, as is usual, as a gift from god.

Chomsky believes that the child has the inherent ability to learn a language or grammar, but the ability to learn that language is given through the working environment. That is, environment and culture have an important place for learning language.

Features of Chomsky Theory of Language Development

Inherent capacity - Chomsky tells us that children develop the ability to learn language and grammar from childhood. It is agreeable, hereditary and universal.

Importance of an Environment - Chomsky believes that there is inherent ability to learn languages, but the environment plays an important role in learning and developing its principles and elements. It depends on the environment that in which direction our language is developed.

Relation in Languages - Chomsky believes that all the languages of the world have relations with each other. According to him, any language can be divided according to noun, verb and adjective.

Language Acquisition Device (LAD) - According to Chomsky, a part of the brain is of language acquisition device , which works to increase the capacity of the language. This ability to learn a language may be more in the first five years and results in a significant reduction in its effectiveness.

Universal Grammar - According to Chomsky the learning of language increases as well as the amount of correctness of grammar. According to him, learning the language and learning of grammar is universal.

According to Chomsky, students use two levels to acquire language - surface level and deep level.

Surface level - According to Chomsky, students in this level acquire knowledge of language sounds and words but are unable to understand the meaning. Fail to explain in detail the meaning of the word. Like food, drinking, mummy, papa and so on.

Deep level - In this level, the child begins to understand the meaning of words and sounds and is able to explain them in detail. Under it, students choose the best words to define something. It is a mature form of his linguistic development.

Conclusion :

Noam Chomsky's theory of language is a theory to explain the process of development of languages, which deals with the development of language and the ability to learn it in a systematic manner.

According to Chomsky, the child has congenital capacity for learning the language. However, the work of learning or developing it is done by society. The language acquisition device (LAD) has an important contribution to the learning of students' language, which is more active in the first 5 years.