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Psychosocial Perspectives in Gender b.ed notes

Psychosocial Perspectives in Gender

The subject with which the word 'ism' is associated, carries with it the seeds of an idea, contemplation, revolution, struggle and movement. As the seed of this 'law' grows, it grows, in the same way different types of thoughts and many viewpoints start coming forward in relation to the law. Then there is a period of agreement and disagreement. There is a clash in the views of different persons. From this duality of thought, a constructive and positive side of 'ism' emerges, in which the interest of most of the people of the society is included. Undoubtedly, feminism, being done in the interest of women, is such a movement, which has spread all over the world due to various reasons. Exploitation, oppression and oppression of women is present in more or less form in all the countries. Explaining feminism, Brinda Karat writes: "Feminism and the women's liberation movement are two different things.

Feminism is an ideology, on the basis of which efforts are made for the liberation of women. It has many forms, different trends, which are defined in different forms from time to time. For example, a feminism is one which believes that there is a contradiction between every man and every woman, which is the most important contradiction in the social contradiction. To some, this is basic feminism. The second is feminism - socialist feminism, which believes in the socialist system, but which believes that in the ideology of socialism, more importance is given to class, while there is a need to expose more of the exploitation on being a woman. . The third feminism is 'essentialist' (elemental), which believes that the nature of a woman is different from that of a man because of being a mother.

Feminist concept is intertwined with many questions. Different thinkers have tried to carve the feminist ideology from different angles, but in the process of carving many things run parallel. Feminist ideology cannot be put in a frame regarding any one thing or fact. Even in feminist ideology, the woman is at the center and on the basis of the circle that has been formed around her, she has been made far smaller than the man. It is strongly asserted that nature itself has made men and women different on the basis of gender. The physical characteristics of both are different from each other. The man is powerful in the outer world. The flag of victory has been flying with its own power. Women are the beauty of the house. Is proficient in household work, is the best. From this point of view both are unequal, because the capabilities of both, There is also a difference between power and intellectual ability. Many views have been expressed regarding this gender discrimination. Anamika draws attention to the three basic tendencies of feminism and says ". There are three basic tendencies of feminism: 

1. Gender is a social construct.

2. In the patriarchal system, since the codes of conduct are made by men, their attitude towards men is biased in comparison to women. Equal opportunities for development are also given to women 'kindly'. 

3. Gender exploitation free society of the future Women's field of work, love, fertility, etc. and the development of 'independent personality' of their language and craft will prove to be very decisive in forging it. Feminism thus has two responsibilities, first, to attack gender stereotypes and second, to develop a correct understanding of the female mind and body.

The word 'argument' carries with it the ideology of agreeing and disagreeing with the subject. Scholars have their own camps in the country and abroad. They see, examine, analyze each subject under a special principle and ideology. But each theory also sows new seeds on the soil of its ideas, which later take the form of a sect or school. From this point of view we will try to look at some of the following principles