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Characteristics of Creative Person | Characteristics of Creative Children


Write features of Creative Children 

Characteristics of Creative Person

A creative person can be identified on the basis of his qualities, work and behavior because a creative child is different from normal children in many ways. There are many similar tasks which differentiate between normal children and creative children.

The main characteristics of creative children or people are as follows

1. Creative person becomes curious

A creative person is considered to be completely Full of curiosity. He asks different types of questions about every thought or event and remains anxious to gain knowledge until his curiosity is satisfied. In the context of every incident, he tries to study it positively and analytically so that he can reach the basic fact and cause of the incident.

2. Creative people like challenges.

A creative person is never afraid of challenges. He faces every challenge courageously and tries to make circumstances his cup of tea. He solves every problem on the basis of his ability and capability. Therefore he is Full of self-confidence.


3. Creative persons are not afraid to experiments.

A creative person has to do many types of experiments to reach any meaningful conclusion.

Apart from the laboratory, these experiments also have to be done in the society. In many situations, experiments also have negative results, but a creative person is not afraid of those negative results and starts doing this work continuously. His experiments continue until he reaches a definite conclusion.

4. Creative people become high mental level.

Creative people have a high level mentality. He does not believe in accepting any general system but believes in developing its best form and making it more useful. On one hand, this type of mentality increases their creativity and on the other hand, it paves the way for development.

5. Belief in critical thinking and creation

Eagerness for critical thinking and creation is found in creative people. Such people do not accept every incident as it is, but think about it and try to make the best of it. This type of people are skilled in creating creative situations because they are successful in making every situation as per their convenience. Presentation ability is also their best and useful quality.


6. Ability of analysis and synthesis 

Creative people have the ability to analyze any fact and incident, on the basis of which they are able to reach the basic fact or root cause of the incident.

Along with this, they use various principles, rules and synthesis method in creation and create new ideas by synthesizing various scattered thoughts and ideas.

Thus, creative people are equipped with the ability to synthesize and analyze.

7. Situation of brain storming

A state of brain stimulation is seen in creative people.

These people do not think unilaterally to solve any incident or problem, rather they create diverse ideas and present the best idea or solution to solve the problem. In this way these individuals can find the best solution to every problem.

8. Tendency of research


The tendency of research is found in creative people, on the basis of which they do not accept every situation in its usual form and think of making new changes in it. For this they use different types of experiments. This type of work proves that a creative person has a positive attitude towards research and experiments.

9. Collection of standard factors

Creative people do not prepare their work plan by getting carried away by any emotion or thought, rather they make their plan on the basis of authentic facts so that the plan has practical and meaningful results; 

For example, if a person starts thinking about the evils prevalent in the society and wants to develop healthy traditions, then he will make the true incidents related to the evils the basis of his thinking.

10. Scientific view

The influence of scientific approach is seen in creative people. This type of person also gives place in the social system to those ideas and traditions which are directly and indirectly related to science.

Systematic presentation of facts is seen in their work and behaviour. They complete every work in a systematic and organized manner. On the basis of logic and thinking, they create scientific and socially useful ideas.


On the basis of the above discussion, creative people can be identified in the society and creative children can be identified by the teachers in the school. On this basis, favorable conditions can be created for creative children.

Characteristics of Creative Children


The following characteristics are found in a creative child:

1. Sharp intellect:

Children with creative abilities have sharp intelligence. He learns anything faster than other children, whereas other children are able to learn the same thing in more time. Even in the classroom, creative children adopt their reading material faster than other children.

2. Freedom of thought:

Freedom of thoughts is found in children with creative ability. They like to take decisions on their own to complete any of their work. They do not like anyone's interference in their work.

3. Freedom in actions:


Children with creative ability want to complete any task independently. They do not like to work under controlled conditions.

4. Self-Publishing:

The feeling of self-revelation is found in creative children. They express their feelings through their actions.

5. Theoretical ideals:

Creative children are idealists in principle. They understand their circumstances well and can take decisions in any situation using their wisdom. Theoretically, they are idealistic in nature.

6. Aesthetic ideal:

Aesthetic ideal is found in people with creative ability. They naturally have a sense of beauty.

7. Ability to access real knowledge: 

Creative children have immense dedication towards their work, they reach real knowledge by making mistakes and learning something from them.


8. Relatively high performance in tasks: 

Children with creative abilities perform relatively better in their work.

Characteristics of Creativity 

Creativity is not inborn but acquired. Creativity can be said to be the outline of new relationships based on ancient experiences and the realization of new associations.

The following points clarify the nature or characteristics of creativity:

1. Different types and different categories of creativity are found in all people. Creativity is not limited to only a few selected people but it is a common quality of all people.


2. Creativity is a complex process, which cannot be tied to time, place and person. Its emergence can happen anywhere at any time. Creativity can be found in children, adults, men and women.

3. Various virtues are found in creativity. Its most recognized main characteristics are continuity, Flexibility, comprehensiveness, originality, sensitivity to problems and decision making style etc.

4. The abilities inherent in creative thinking are different from the abilities inherent in intelligence. Creativity is based on divergent thinking, whereas convergent thinking is used more in intelligence. It is not necessary that all intelligent people are creative.

5. The emergence of creativity does not happen suddenly, although creative ideas appear to appear suddenly like lightning. The emergence of creativity is similarly gradual; Like the day breaking.


6. Creativity emerges from the very beginning of life and its development depends a lot on the social environment.

7. The development of creativity related abilities is different from the development of other abilities. The pace of its development does not remain the same.

8. Creativity can be measured but it is not possible to measure all types of creativity through a single test.

9. Development of creativity is related to various aspects of life. It is not necessary to have any special person or poison for this.

10. Creative people have Fluency. They can express their ideas Fluently.

11. Creativity is a process or ability, it is not a product

12. The process of creativity is goal directed. It is either beneficial For the individual or beneficial for the group or society.


13. Creativity may be verbal or written, tangible on intangible. It is unique for every person in every situation. It guides any new and different production.

14. Creativity is a type of controlled imagination, through which direction is obtained for some achievement.