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Parents Teachers Association | Functions of Teacher Parents Association


Parents Teachers Association 

Teachers and parents have an important role in the educational development of the child, but their educational roles and mutual expectations are different. 

The problems of the children which the teacher sees from his own perspective, their parents have a completely different viewpoint towards the same problems. A strong reason for this is that while for the teacher the student is one among hundreds, for the parents he is a part of themselves.

While teachers think about equal development of every child, parents or guardians expect teachers to take maximum interest in the educational development of their children. 

Due to these differences, the parents' thinking about the child's abilities, interests and behavioral defects is completely different from that of the teachers.


Because the child is more in front of the parents than the teacher, hence they know more about many areas than the teacher. Know. Therefore, it is very important to take cooperation of parents in the educational development of children.

Research done in the Field of education, especially on problem children, clearly indicates that the social environment has a significant impact on their problems. The same thing is proved regarding student achievements also. A significant influence of Family and environment can be seen on the educational progress of children.

The truth is that parents are the first teachers of the child. Therefore, mutual cooperation between these primary teachers and school teachers can make double contribution in the educational development of future citizens, hence the establishment and operation of teacher-parent association should not only be mandatory for any school, but also inevitable.

Parent-Teacher Association can play an important role in bringing parents and teachers closer to each other, its information is also very important in school and community cooperation, but it depends on the effective operation of the association.


In the regular meetings of this association, where the parents get the opportunity to closely know and understand the educational problems of their children and the children of the community, the school also gets knowledge about the family, social, economic, personal problems of all the students and the expectations of the community from the school.

It happens. In this way, there is an opportunity to understand each other and solve problems through mutual cooperation.

In those countries where there are community schools, the effectiveness of the parent-teacher association can be easily assessed. An example is given of the important achievement of Parent Teacher Association in the development of mother club in the western world.

Functions of Teachers Parents Association


The main functions of Teacher Parent Association are as Follows:

1. The association should organize parent and teacher days, through this the parents will be able to become aware of various programs of the school and the school officials will be able to understand the circumstances and needs of the child at home.

2. Through the union, goodwill and trust can be established between teachers and parents. In this way teachers will be able to get maximum information about children.

3. Organizing various meetings from time to time, in which parents and teachers individually or collectively will be able to get maximum information about all the problems.

4. To organize various programs in the school from time to time to establish closer relations between the school and the society. Social and cultural programs can be organized for this.