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Techniques of Assessment in Special Education | Techniques of Assessment


Techniques of assessment in special education

To evaluate the different aspects of the child, the teacher USES standardized and humanised tests of different types.

(A)  Standardized test:

1. Intelligence measurements

4. Aptitude test

2. Achievement test

5. Aptitude test

3. Interested test

6. Personality measurements

(B) Unstandardized Test:

1. Overview

2. Questionnaire

3. Schedule

4. Interview

5. Anecdotes/Records

6. Rating scale

7. Case study

8. Sociometry


Some of the major tests/methods/techniques for conducting assessment of students:

1. Record writing

At the time of enrolment of students in schools, the record relating to educational achievement, mental standards, problems, family and social environment, success and failure of learning, physical fitness, etc., is prepared by teachers. Their progress, performance, etc., are prepared during the teaching learning process so that their performance, success and failure can be assessed easily.


Knowledge about students' qualities, behaviour, interests, emotions, learning etc. can be easily obtained through observation. During teaching, teachers can assess the progress of students by observing their work and performance in the classroom, in co-curricular activities and other activities.



Necessary knowledge can be obtained by using different types of questionnaires and schedules to evaluate students' interest, personality, aptitude, aptitude etc.


Through sociometry, important things related to the qualities and behavior of the students in the group can be found out and on the basis of that the students can be assessed.


It is used to measure the attitude of students regarding any thought situation or object. In this, a 3 or 5 point rating scale is prepared and based on that, measurement and assessment is done.


5 = bad

4 = General

3 = good

2 = Very good

1 = The best

6. Achievement Test:

Achievement tests are conducted to assess the knowledge and skills of students related to various subjects. It contains the following types of questions-


It contains long answer and short answer questions. Through these, the reasoning and thinking power of the students is measured.



Objective questions include questions like true/false, yes/no, multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, correct matching etc. On the basis of children with special needs, more support facilities are given to them to measure their knowledge and ability like questions printed in big letters, use of pictures to understand and solve the questions etc.

7. Standardized Test:

Many standardized tests are also used to measure the intelligence of students, their achievement, interest, attitude etc. In this type of testing, statistical methods are used to analyze and synthesize the educational data obtained, due to which valid and reliable knowledge of the achievements of the students is obtained.


In this type of test, teachers prepare questions as per their convenience on the basis of students' ability, mental level and the lesson taught and on the basis of the results obtained, take decisions regarding the learning of the students and present suggestions.



In this type of testing, first of all the learning disabilities and problems of the students are detected, then the reasons for these problems or abilities are detected, after which help is given as per need and suggestions are also given.

In this way, to assess the students in the special education system, as per the need, appropriate techniques/techniques of the above mentioned evaluation techniques/techniques are used to evaluate the ability and performance of the students and they are assessed on the basis of their ability and level. But necessary amendments are made in the teaching system and efforts are made to improve the learning level and performance of the students.