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Education in Concurrent list in Indian Constitution

Education in Concurrent list in Indian Constitution

Arguments in favour of making Education in the Concurrent list

1. To Ensure Uniformity in Education Policy:

So long as education remains a State subject, we cannot implement any education policy. For example prior to this amendment, the pattern/structure of education (10+2 or 10+2 and 8+2) was not uniform in all Indian States. This had put people to various handicaps. It is essential to have a uniform character of educational pattern throughout the country. This was possible only when education was made a concurrent subject.

2. Better Implementation of Education Pattern:

With education as a concurrent subject, the States will become more serious in implementing decisions. This was more true in the case of the implementation of the Article 45 of the Constitution. We failed badly to achieve this target. When education is on the concurrent list, the centre will ensure that the States implement its decisions in right earnest.

3. Better Utilisation of Funds :

It was generally noticed that States got money from the Centre for the purpose of education but spent it elsewhere. Being education on the concurrent list centre govt. is in the position to force its decision on States.

4. Better Research and Co-ordination:

Centre has more funds and personnel for the development of educational research. Through the Co-ordinating and clearing house functions which cross fertilise educational thinking by making known the good work done in one area of the country to the remaining areas.


5. Better Training of Educational Administration:

Centre can arrange for advanced professional training in educational administration and to provide for the in service training of educational administration through various training programmes. The training programmes will be far superior as compared to State programmes.

6. Quality Leadership from the Central Government :

We have at present leadership crisis in the field of education. It results in lack of direction. The centre should provide effective leadership. This should not be taken as a reflection on the intelligentia in the States but Centre is better equipped to provide educational leadership.

7. Improvement in Standards :

Education being a concurrent subject, all India level of education standard will improve a lot. Better Curriculum and research will take place. It will benefit the educational field of the country.


8. For Emotional Integration :

The present social conditions prevailing around need emotional integration in the country. That is possible at the hands of the centre. The centre has broader vision as compared to limited and narrow vision of States.

9. For Creating Equalitarian Society:

The Indian Constitution envisages the creation of an equalitarian society. To achieve this aim, it is essential that the overall charge of education should be given to centre.

10. For Implementing Welfare Programmes:

For the effective planning implementation of different social welfare programmes, the best role can be performed by the centre only.