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Need and importance of textbook b.ed notes| Meaning and definition of textbook


“Text-book is a book designed for classroom use." - Bacon

"A teacher text-book is one specially prepared for the use of pupil and teaching in a school or class, presenting course of study in a single subject of class-related subject." - American Text-book Publishing Institute .

"Text-book is half of the apparatus of teaching,"  - Prof. Keating


"The text-book must be regarded as strictly subordinate and supplementary to the teacher’s lesson” - Raymont

Need and Importance of textbook b.ed notes 


From teacher and student viewpoint, the need for a text-book is due to the following

Following are from teacher's viewpoint:

1. For Guidance in Teaching : A text-book guides a teacher. It explains and clarifies how a topic should be taught and how much. 

A text-book gives adequate suggestions, illustrations, examples and techniques, etc. and thus becomes helpful to a teacher in guiding his teaching.


2. In Selection of Teaching Material : A teacher uses blackboard and other teaching aids in keeping with the circumstances and period of his teaching, in the same way, text-book is needed to obtain the material in the initial stage, because he requires good examplés, questions an methods. A good text-book contains a number' of exercise questions, suitable examples and several methods of solving questions. All these help in teaching. 

3. For Reference Material : Text-book are helpful in undertaking and running the class in a planned, methodical, systematic way, and give balanced assignment in socia study. Besides, it contains new knowledge with does away with the need to refer reference books

4. Exercise Work: Practice makes a man perfect. There is much role to practice in social study, and momentum cannot be caught up without practice. Different maps and their making require adequate practice, for which guidance is provided by text-books. 


5. For Making Teaching Efforts Successful : Text-books are needed to make a teacher's effort in teaching in the classroom. A text-book carries a structure from 'simple to complex' and from 'known to' unknown', which ultimately leads him to success in teaching.

(B) From Students' Viewpoint These are:

1. Helpful in Self study : To solve problems given in text-books, there are some solved questions as well as questions for practice. Clues for solution of difficult questions are also given, which help students study at home. Text-books helps students understand the text material by self-study.

2. Convenient Use : Students can use text-books as may be convenient to them. If a student has absented himself from school due to any reason and has missed upon his school work, then text-books help him complete it. A text-book is like a teacher at home.

3. For Critical Approach to Content : In social study, students can revise themselves in order to test their own knowledge. Thus, text-books help students to critically revise themselves


4. Useful for Backward Students : Those exceptional student who have lagged behind in the course, for them text-books are of special importance. Text-books help them proceed on the path of learning at a satisfactory rate despite their slow learning rate. Since the class cannot wait for the backward students to make up, text-books help them overcome the problem, and text-books help them keep pace with the class.

5. As a Means of Imparting New Knowledge : If text-books are revised from time to time, then current and latest information, thoughts and inventions, etc. are included in them. 

On the basis of above points, we can say that text-books are very important for both teacher and student in social study teaching



Text-books enioy a very vital place in' our entire educational system. As has been said in the context of text-books:

  • Books are keys to wisdom's treasure;

  • Books are gates to.lands of pleasure.

  • Books are paths that upward lead;

  • Books are friends, come, let us read

A text-book is important due to the following causes

1. A text-book acquaints a teacher with the entire syllabus, its structure and aims.

2. A text-book simplifies a teacher's work and makes it useful. 

3. A text-book is necessary to make a teacher's effort in the classroom successful because books can help in good and remedial teaching.


4. A text-book saves on time needed for writing questions and other texts.

5. A text-book helps students to revise his lessons. 

6. Difficulties associated with contents can be eliminated by text-books.

7. A teacher gets readymade exercise work from a text-book.

8. Students can solve questions themselves and match their answers with the answer sheets.

9. A text-book contains text material in a logical and psychological sequence, with helps a teacher in effective teaching

10. Text-books help to guide students.


11. Students can use them for revision, class work and home assignments.

12. Text-books help students to note down the summary, important points and views of scholars, etc. in their text-books. 

13. "Practice is the mother of success."" The use of text-books provide adequate practice to students

14. The use of text-books guide students' efforts in studies. 

15. Text-books have the quality of self-education, by which students cultivate the qualities of self-confidence and proper attitude. 


16. Text-book play an important role in bringing about continuity, orderliness, system and objectivity in teacher and student activities.

Besides text-books help in preserving social culture, traditions, values and habits, etc .

In the present times, our society is quite aware of the merits of text-books. In this context has well said that teacher and text-book construct the school. On the other hand, Maxwell has said that the text-book is the means by which a teacher presents the contents before the class.


The use of text-book brings about certain disadvantages too, which can be discussed as follows :

1. Text-books provide the text material arranged in a systematic and logical manner due to which students do not undertake self-thinking, so their learning becomes only memory-based.

2. Text-books are generally silent about latest inventions, discoveries and changes. 


3. The viewpoint of process is limited, because a teacher generally does not like to tell additional things not contained in the text-books.

4. Text-books remain limited to the contents, due to which they do not encourage for wide and intensive study.

5. When a text-book is expensive enough, it becomes out of reach of common students

5. Text-books, once published, are seldom revised. 


7. Sometimes the text material contained in text-books is not arranged in a logical and psychological sequence.

8. According to Bacon, a text-book remains a teaching aid and a teacher's slave, it cannot be his master.