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Role of the Teacher in School Health Programme

Role of the Teacher in School Health Programme

1. To chalk out the plan

In the beginning of each school session the teacher should plan the health and physical education program for the whole vear in advance.

2. Medical examination

There should be medical check up of the students quarterly or annually.

A doctor should be regularly employed for this purpose to see the problems of students.

3. Education and training

In addition to physical training the teacher is also required to teach most of the facts of health related with personal hygiene, safety and first-aid mental hygiene, social hygiene, temperance and community health.

4. To hold seminars and health programme

The teacher should hold seminar on health related matter from time to time to give information about health related problems of the students.

5. Supervision

The teacher has to supervise the total school health programme and this program includes health full school living, health services and health instructions.

6. To maintain the record of health record

It is also teachers responsibility to maintain all health records of children.

7. Evaluation

The teacher is expected not only to teach but also to evaluate the achievement of the pupils from time to time, diagnose weakness and suggest remedial measures.

8. To give guidance

The teacher is required to guide the students in a number of matters and to guide them in a proper selection of physical activities, athletics and games suited to their aptitude and capacities.

9. Coordination and assisting

The teacher is required to coordinate the school health programme with other school teachers, the school doctor parents, local and district health authorities and public or voluntary health agencies.

10. Follow up program

The success of health programme is based upon the follow-up program and after evaluation the teacher has to submit his report of students health and other test record to the principal so that complete information may be sent to pupils parents and property treatment be given to the sufferer.