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Advantages and Disadvantages of Lecture Method | b.ed notes


Advantages and Disadvantages of Lecture Method 


What is Lecture Method ?

This method is a very ancient method, in this method the focal point is the teacher. The teacher puts the special material in front of the students through speech and the students sit in front of him and listen. In this method, the teacher mainly has to do two things -

1. Preparation by selecting the subject.

2. Presentation of subject matter in the form of speech in the class.


In this method, where the teacher should be a good speaker, the student should also have the qualities of a listener, as well as the student should keep noting the speech or lecture and if necessary, ask questions from time to time.

The main role in this method is that of the teacher.

In this method, the teacher prepares the subject matter in advance and presents it in the form of speech to the students in the class. 

The work of the students was presented by the teacher.

This subject matter has to be heard and understood in the form of good sources, in addition to this, the teacher also asks questions in between to solve their doubts.

Presents as It all depends on the efficiency and efficiency of the teacher.


Advantages of Lecture Method 


1. Through this method, knowledge can be imparted at a faster pace.

2. Or the method is convenient for the teacher because as soon as the teacher comes to the class, the teacher starts giving the speech and leaves the class after completing the speech. This saves him from solving various problems of the students.

3. By this method the course of Hindi language can be completed easily.

4. Classes are large in the Indian environment and there is a lack of teaching material. Even blackboards are not available at many places, so this method is favorable.


5. With the speech method, along with the subject material, the speech (subject) related ability is also developed in the student.

6. In this, the student also does not have to work much, he listens to the speech comfortably.

7. This method is not very expensive.

8. In this, students learn to use their ears properly, that is, listening skills develop.

9. This method is helpful to other methods and this method is used along with other methods.

10. Helpful in effective teaching.


11. Development of linguistic ability.

12. Saving time and labor.

13. Development of reasoning power.

14. Explanation of the subject matter.

15. psychological approach

16. Convenience for teachers.

17. Perfect for current school conditions.

18. assistant in the teaching of special cases

19. proper training of auditory senses


Disadvantages of Lecture Method 


1. This method can be used only in higher classes and not in lower classes.

2. In this method, the level of the student is not taken care of, whether he wants to listen or not, he has to listen to the speech.

3. Through this method, no attention is paid to the readiness of the children's knowledge at all and the teacher goes on lecturing.

4. Students definitely do not have a definite ability to do the work.


5. unilateral method

6. lack of original thinking

7. disregard for common sense

8. promote cramming

9. Not suitable for all teachers

10. psychological method

11. boring and boring

12. Not suitable for all classes.


Suggestions for using Lecture Method 


1. Before giving a lecture, the teacher should have complete knowledge of the subject matter. Apart from this, the teacher should plan the subject matter well.

2. For the success of this method, it is necessary that the teacher is experienced and qualified. Teachers should be such that they can change their language style, gestures and pronunciation etc. according to the subject matter and circumstances.

3. Teachers should keep asking questions in between lectures. Along with this, the questions asked by the students should also be answered.

4. Teacher should not be serious while giving lecture.