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What is Population Growth ? Causes of Population Growth | Effects of Population Growth


What is Population Growth ?


When the birth rate is comparatively much higher than the death rate, then the rate of population growth becomes excessive. Such a situation is called population growth.

Rapidly increasing population is called population growth.

Population growth means unlimited increase in population is called population growth.


Causes of Population Growth 


The main reason for the increase in population in India is the high birth rate.

Following are the reasons for the high birth rate in India:- Reasons for population growth 

1. Inevitability of marriage:- Marriage is considered an essential sacrament in India from social and religious point of view. Marriage is considered essential for progeny. It is considered essential for every person here to get married and produce children.


2. Child marriage: - Due to the spread of social consciousness and education, this practice has reduced a bit. But it still exists in the country. In our country, girls are usually married before the age of 15, except in educated families. This is a big reason.

3. Religious and social superstitions:- Indian people consider children as a divine gift and do not consider it right to interfere in any way. As a result of which the birth rate remains high.


4. Joint Family System:- In the joint family system in India, the economic responsibility of the family rests jointly on all the members, so people lack the sense of responsibility and they procreate indiscriminately.

5. Poverty:- Poverty is a major reason for the population of India. The poor person hopes that his children will work with him to add to his income. This is their wrong mindset, it increases the birth rate.


6. Lack of birth control:- The use of birth control methods in India is limited. The main reason for this is ignorance and demand for resources. In the absence of these measures, the rate of child birth in our country is high, which is the main reason for population growth.

7. Decreasing death rate:- Death rate is decreasing in the country due to many reasons, due to decrease in death rate, the average age of people increases.

The main reasons for the decrease in death rate are as follows: -


Increase in health related facilities: - The way the population is increasing, in the same way health related facilities are increasing. Awareness about the health of the child and mothers has reduced the infant mortality rate.

Education among women: As a result of the spread of education among women, due to the proper care of the health of babies by them, the death rate has come down.


Increase in minimum marriage age:- Due to child marriage both the infant and I had higher mortality rate earlier. Their death rate has come down due to the method at the age of marriage.

Reduction in famine and epidemics:- People have not faced severe famine and epidemics in the country for the last several decades. Due to which the death rate has come down. But now the situation is not the same as before, now people believe that the terrible epidemic that came from China is spreading rapidly on our country India.


Effects of Population Growth 


1. In agriculture sector:- As a result of increase in population, the division of land in agriculture sector has started increasing, obstacles arise in advanced farming in agricultural land.

2. Problem of food grains: Due to the increase in population, there is a shortage of food grains. Most of the production in the agriculture sector starts in the form of food grains. Due to which the production of other agricultural produce which can be put to commercial use is reduced.


3. Employment problem: Due to excess of population, there is a shortage of employment. More than 3 crore people are unemployed in India.

4. Per Capita Income:- Due to increase in population, there is a significant increase in per capita income. Although there has been a huge increase in national income.


5. Problems of health and education sector:- Due to lack of growth in housing, health and education sector according to the rate of population growth, there is a decrease in basic needs.

6. Lack of consumer goods:- Due to population growth, there is a shortage of consumer goods. Due to increase in demand, the price starts increasing. The value of development plans starts increasing. Due to which the economic condition of the general public is affected.


7. Other problems: Due to increase in unemployment and increase in inflation, many social problems arise. Criminal activities like theft, dacoity start increasing. Population growth also hinders the economic development of the country. The pressure of population on agricultural land is increasing. Due to which the agricultural land starts decreasing. To meet the means of transport and communication for the growing population is a big problem. The pressure of population growth is also increasing on sources of energy.


Steps taken by the government to check population growth in India

How to assimilate the population of the country in a planned way in terms of size and structure, so that the economic development of the country as well as increase in the national income and per capita income, the government has made a population policy, which is based on this type.

To stop this population growth, people also issued many slogans like:-

we two, our two!

Only two children are good!


1. Completely voluntary:- The family planning program will be run as a completely voluntary program and will be an integral part of the comprehensive policy.

2. Central assistance to the states:- Central assistance to the schemes of the states and for cases like transfer of fees, grant-in-aid, till the year 2001, the population related data of 1971 will be considered as the basis. There was a provision for this system to remain till 2001, but it is continuing even in the present time.


3. Minimum marriageable age: - According to the population policy, the government had earlier kept the marriageable age of girls at 15 years, but in view of the increase in population, it has been increased from 15 to 18 years and the age of boys from 18 to 21 years.

4. Cash incentive:- Under the family planning program, cash is given as incentive to the people who undergo sterilization.


5. Group Motivation:- Many types of incentives are given for family planning by registered voluntary organizations.

6. Use of media:- Right kind of media is used to make people aware about family planning.

7. Emphasis on education:- In order to make boys and girls aware of the increasing population, such a course has been kept in the text book so that they understand their own responsibilities in this direction, as well as special emphasis should be given on the education of girls.


Population Policy 2000: - On February 15, 2000 AD, the Central Government announced the new population policy, it has been set in three main objectives: -

The immediate objective of the policy is to provide adequate contraceptive health infrastructure and health workers in the areas where supplies are to be made.


Second objective of the policy:- Which is called its secondary objective, by the year 2010, the rate of total reproduction is to be brought up to 2.1.

Long term objective of this policy:- The government says that by the year 2045 the target of stable population has to be achieved. It has been said in this population policy to make the level of population stable according to economic growth, social development and environment.


Problems Caused by Population Growth 


1. Excessive pressure on agricultural land :- Due to increasing population, agricultural land is continuously increasing in pieces, along with it the production capacity of the land is decreasing.

2. Exploitation of natural resources :- Due to the increasing population, the exploitation of natural resources has started happening rapidly, due to which there is a shortage of resources like - problems of housing, food, clothes etc. arise.


3. Low Per Capita Income :- Rapid growth of population reduces per capita income.

4. Increase in unemployment :- Due to increase in population, giving work to every hand is a big problem, hence unrest and anarchy spreads in the country.


5. Decline in the standard of living: - As the population increases, there is a shortage of goods and services, as a result of which the standard of living declines.

6. Environmental pollution :- It is very important to know what is called environmental pollution, some such toxic elements are included in the environment due to which the environment becomes fatal for the life of living beings. This harmful change in the environment is called environmental pollution. As a result of this, the more the population in the country, the more the resources will be used and if the resources are used then the environment will be polluted.


7. Noise pollution :- Wow unwanted sound which causes pain and discomfort in the ears is called noise pollution. Trains, airplanes, motorcycles, etc. are the main reasons for noise pollution, on the contrary, if the population is high, then the number of all these means will also be high and the noise coming out of it will also be excessive.

8. Soil pollution :- Such a desirable change in the physical chemical biological properties of the soil ie (soil) soil, which affects humans and other living beings, the usefulness of the soil decreases, due to which its useful properties change, then it is This is called soil pollution. It is common that if the population is high, then the demand will also be high, and to meet the demands, people will try to take many crops at the same place, and if there is no crop, they will use many types of chemical fertilizers on it. Using chemical fertilizers causes soil pollution.


9. Water pollution :- Some such elements are found in water which are harmful for living beings and humans, that is called water pollution. Due to increase in population, excreta coming out of domestic and public toilets are immersed in rivers and water bodies, due to which the water gets polluted. On the contrary, the more the population, the more the water will be polluted.

10. Air pollution :- Such an unwanted change in the physical, chemical and biological properties of the air, which affects the living conditions of humans and other living beings, is called air pollution. The reason for this is also the increase in population, if the population is more, then their demand will also be more and if the demand is more, then tomorrow the number of factories will also be more. As a result, the poisonous gases coming out of the factories contaminate the air.