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Importance of Health Education in school curriculum | Aims and objectives of Health Education


Main Aims and Objectives of Health Education 


To take action, individually and collectively to protect and promote:

  • Their own health
  • Health of their family members and
  • Health of those around them in the community, seeking help when required from available community resources.


Aim and objectives of Health Education :


  • Promotion of Healthy Life styles.

  • To encourage people to adopt health promoting practices, To arouse interest of the people by solving their health problems.

  • To provide knowledge and improve skills and change attitude towards promoting individual and community health.

  • To stimulate individual and the community to participate in health related program

  • Development of social environment in which the individual lives.

  • To develop awareness of HIV, AIDS and Drug abuse in the community.

  • To develop awareness of the importance of self-defence and self dependence.


  • To develop awareness of good posture so that one may strive to maintain a good posture.

  • To make the pupils physically, mentally and emotionally fit and to develop their personal and social qualities that will help them to be good human beings

  • To bring out the overall awareness of values and to inculcate among students the desired habits, attitudes towards health and to raise their health status.


Why Health Education is Important in School Curriculum ??


Human body is like a complex and delicate machine, which comprises several small parts. A slight manufacturing of one part leads to breakdown of the machine

In a similar way, if such a situation arises in human body, it also leads to manufacturing of the body. But suffering of body from any disease or disability is natural..

If the citizens of a country are healthy that country is sure to touch the heights in every facets of life, and the country's healthy generations can achieve highest mark In various fields and thereby enable their country to win laurels and glory at the international level.

So, Health education is important so that everyone can contribute towards the upliftment of the country.


Importance of Health Education in school curriculum


It imparts knowledge about Health and Hygiene -

Schools, health education can be imparted not only through books but also through charts, diagrams, films, models and slides so knowledge can be provided about the functioning of body, rules of health and hygiene and precautionary measures for keeping diseases off.

Promotes Healthy desirable habits -

School going children learn about the importance of fresh air, hygienic feeding, purification of drinking water. He learns - "Early to bed and carly to rise, makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise"


Preventive and precautionary measures against communicable discases - 

Through health education in school curriculum, students come to know the symptoms, causes, precautions and remedies of diseases like Malaria, Rabies, Aids etc..

Control several health hazards - 

By adding health education in school curriculum, students come to know the bad affects of hazards like Alcohol, smoking, drug addiction on an Individual, Family and society.. so they can avoid their use and contribute in the growth of their country..

Helps in maintaining norms of good health - 


Adequate Ventilation, Good sanitation, proper temperature and all round cleanliness are norms of food health. In schools these norms are taught to students by organizing activites.

Awareness of Immunization Program -

Health Education is added in the school curriculum to help the general public to know about the immunization program available in hospitals.

Vaccination of Hepatitis B is available in all the health service centers. With the cooperation of parents, illness and abnormalities can be detected carlier and proper immunization can be provided.

Provides first aid training -


First aid is the aid which is given to the sick or injured person before the doctor reaches. Lives can be saved if one has a proper knowledge of first aid and it is given in time. So it is essential for everyone because emergency may be faced by anyone and at a time.

Help students to understand facilities and services provided by govt.-

Health Education provided in school curriculum help students to understand nature and purposes of health services and facilities.

Give knowledge of deficiencies and abnormalities - 


It aims at discovering physical deficiency and other abnormalities in the child and promoting their treatment.

Improves health status -

Health Education helps to improve the health status of the individual, families and communities, states as well as nation.

Reduces Early Deaths -


When every person will know the affects of nutrition and hazards, value of sanitization, ventilation then they will take care of their health and it will reduce early deaths.

Develop positive life style - 

If health education is imparted in educative, interesting and recreational way, people will be conscious about their health and everyone have the following desire in their mind ---

  • I want to survive even longer, if possible
  • I want to remain healthy
  • I want a clear and alert mind
  • I want to be active 



By applying the statement," Prevention is better than cure", Health education reduces the costs.

It is important to add health education in curriculum so that children can learn what is good and bad for their health and can contribute to the growth of their country...