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Scope of Education b.ed notes | Importance of Education b.ed Notes




Education has its own relation with many independent subjects like philosophy, sociology, psychology etc. Education is developing into an independent subject by taking the contents of these subjects. Education, therefore, includes all the subjects to which education in one form or another relates. Education and the inter - relationship between these subjects, some sub - subjects are formed under pedagogy. These sub - subjects are as under:

(1) Philosophy of Education - 

Each person has a certain approach to life. This is his philosophy of life, according to which he determines the purpose of life. This is achieved through education. The nature of education on the basis of philosophy of life, his aims, curriculum, etc. All these things are studied under educational philosophy. Education is therefore a part of philosophy.

(2) Educational Psychology - 


Education psychology takes place within the study area of education society. It is this psychology which studies the child 's nature, interest, attitude, attitude and ability, memory of powers, imagination and intelligence, development, personal qualities, learning processes, etc.

(3) Educational sociology -

Under education we study the impacts of society on individuals and education and the impacts of education on society. In other words, we find out what society is, what is the relation of society and education, what are its functions in the process of education? What is the function of education in the development of society, what is the relationship between education and social change, how education controls society and why society provides education, and so on. This study area is called educational sociology.

(4) History of Education -


Since the origin of the present is based on the past, it is necessary for every educationist to know about the history of development of education. Unless we study the changes that have taken place so far in the development of education, we cannot structure education in accordance with the time and space. It is, therefore, necessary to study the history of education.

(5) Comparative Education -

We study the methods and USES of other countries and adopt the useful things of other countries and make our education system more useful and modern.

(6) Educational Problems -


Current educational problems are also considered in this regard. Solutions are devised. There are many educational problems in our country today. Education cannot be developing unless they are corrected.

(7) Educational Organization and Administration - 

Educational administration and organization are also considered as subject of education. The study of principles and systems of educational administration and organization has given us many things to learn about the process of education and for the smooth functioning of the schools and for the proper and useful organization of the schools and we can make the most of the benefit of the process of education by organized and administered schools.




In Social view, education is very useful. The utility and importance of education is being briefly discussed here:

(1) Means of attainment of knowledge -

Knowledge and learning have a special significance in a person 's life. Education relates to every aspect of life. Education is, therefore, clearly education is most useful in human life.

(2) Education makes life better -


Education is particularly useful in making human life feel better and more convenient. Industry, commerce and trade develop through education.

(3) Helpful in development of personality- 

Education is the development of a person 's personality. In the absence of education, one does not develop either talent or develop normal.

(4) Education makes human beings civilized -


For want of education man is merely an animal. Through education a person becomes a civilised human being. Education suppresses the animal and primitive tendencies of the individual and develops in him high human qualities and civilisation.

(5) Helpful in character building -

Education is particularly useful in shaping the character of the individual. As a result of education, one becomes great in character by self - discipline, by renting narrow tendencies like selfishness, greed, infatuation etc.

(6) Useful in moral development -


Education is very useful in the development of morality. Ethics is concerned with every field of life and therefore it may be said that the truly educated person is moral virtues. Herbert is of the view "the development of good moral character is education itself."

(7) Helpful in livelihood -

Education is an important pillar of livelihood. Essential educational qualification is given importance for all kinds of jobs, etc., in our country.

(8) Helpful in socialization -


Man is a social being. Education plays a great role in the socialization of the child. An educated person follows the social norms to maintain the social order. He does not normally act as anti - social or anti - social.

(9) Helpful in construction of citizenship -

It is necessary to have the best citizens for the benefit and progress of the nation and the society. Education makes a person the best citizen. Through education one is aware of his rights and duties. Thus education is particularly useful in a democratic society.