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Advantages of Micro teaching | Uses of Micro teaching | Limitations of Micro Teaching


Advantages of Micro teaching


1. This method of teaching teaches the student teacher more in less time. 

2. It reduces the complexities of classroom teaching.

3. Feedback embraces all points of view.


4. Objective evaluation of the student teacher is done.

5. The student teacher, according to his ability, focuses his attention on 'teaching-skills', develops them and tries to learn.


Uses of Micro teaching


In this method there is an integration of theory and practice. This method is useful for imparting efficiency in teaching based on the principle of 'part to whole'. 

Micro-teaching has the following uses-

1. Micro-teaching is more effective in changing the behavior of student teachers. 

2. In micro-teaching full attention is paid to the individual differences of the student teachers.


3. In this method, student teachers get systematic, objective, specific, and quick feedback. 

4. Integration of theory and practice is possible through this method.

5. Keeping in mind the teaching-skills in micro-teaching, the teacher gets the ability to self-evaluate and self-criticize his lesson.

6. This method is done in realistic conditions, then proper training is possible even if there is no real school. 


Limitations of Micro Teaching


This method has some limitations of its own. As - 

1. It takes the teaching away from 'classroom-classroom teaching'.

2. It ignores the diagnostic and remedial functions of teaching.

3. It is difficult for the student teacher to get feedback in this. 


4. It leads to excessively controlled and narrow teaching.

5. It is time consuming. 

In conclusion, it can be said that micro studies are a powerful tool for imparting training to student teachers in Teacher Educator Colleges which should be used to produce good teachers.