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Characteristics of a Gifted Student | Characteristics of a Gifted Children


Characteristics of a Gifted Student 


Characteristics of Gifted Children 


1. The IQ of a gifted student is generally above 130. 

2. There is superiority in moral attitudes.

3. Learns to stand, walk and speak relatively quickly in infancy.

4. Their observation power is intense.


5. Memory power is sharp.

6. Has the ability to respond immediately.

7. Ideas have originality.

8. There is the ability to clarify knowledge.

9. Has the power to present thoughts in a logical way. 


10. Vocabulary is huge.

11. There is sufficient excellence in spelling and reading.

12. Attends school regularly for studies.

13. The general maturity level of these students is high.

14. Gifted students make quick connections between facts.