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Characteristics of a Creative Student | b.ed notes


Characteristics of a Creative Student 


a) Creativity is originality in student's behaviour. 

b) He has the capacity to take his own decisions.

c) A creative student has more sensitivity.

d) They take any work seriously. 

e) They consider their work as their own and do the responsibility in full.

f) There is fluency in their thought and expression.


g) Because of their curiosity, they have the desire to do something or the other.

h) Their behavior is flexible. They change behavior as needed. 

i) He has a habit of saying and doing every work in detail.

j) They have progressiveness.

k) They have an attraction and fearlessness towards the mysterious, restless and unknown.


l) Those students have the ability to see and establish relationships between objects.

m) They have abundance of imagination power.

n) They have higher aesthetic perception, aesthetic receptivity and aesthetic potential. They are quickly attracted towards something beautiful and also appreciate it.

o) They have the ability to adapt to adverse circumstances and to accept challenges for courageous actions.

p) Creative student has abundance of confidence to do any work.


q) They have the ability to present several ideas at the same time.

r) They have the ability to take decisions independently.

s) They have the ability to coordinate opposing elements.

t) They have a pre-conception of the problems that may arise.

u) They know how to deal with difficulties.