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Importance and features of textbook and supplementary book


Importance and features of textbook and supplementary book


In ancient times before the art of writing was developed knowledge was stored verbally. 

After that writing work was done on Bhojapatra, Tadapatra, Tamparapatra, Kashtapatra etc. With time, knowledge started to be collected through books. 

Different branches of knowledge developed. Knowledge in the branch of knowledge began to be collected in the form of books. 

Textbook and supplementary books are important for overall development of students. 

Textbooks and supplementary books are an effective means of achieving the objectives set by the subject experts, educationists, government.


Importance of Textbook and Supplementary Books:


1. Textbook and supplementary books contain all information related to subject knowledge.

2. The overall stock of subject knowledge information is the textbook and supplementary books.

3. Effective, best and mandatory means of acquiring knowledge are textbooks and supplementary books.

4. Memory is important for development, practice, knowledge retention, gross memory stock, self study tool, interest, creativity etc.


5. The best tool for self study is textbook.

6. Study- The best means of teaching are textbooks and supplementary books. And

7. Help students to do their homework.

8. It is a useful tool for the development of skills like speaking, reading, writing, listening etc. 9. Helps to develop various abilities in students.

10. Study teaching can of course develop interest in the student in the learning process.