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Features of textbook and supplementary book | b.ed notes


Features of textbook and supplementary book


Textbook and supplementary book are of special importance in language education. 

The text book is produced based on the criteria of an ideal text book. 

Supplementary books are suggested in the textbook to meet the set objectives. 

The features of the textbook and supplementary book can be stated as follows :-


1. Objectives : 

It is important to keep objectives in mind while designing every textbook and supplementary book. The textbook and related supplementary books should have the ability to meet the stated objectives. The basic purpose of language is to develop skills.

2. Applicability: 

Curriculum, textbooks and supplementary books should be created according to the psychological perspective of childhood, adolescence, adulthood. A book made keeping in mind the age, ability, interest of the student is useful. 


3. Diversity of Subjects : 

There should be diversity in the ideas, concepts, topics covered in the textbook. Lessons should include prose, poetry, drama, stories, essays etc. on various topics.

4. Interestingness: 

Today's education process is student centric. It is necessary to consider the interest, ability and aptitude of the student while creating the curriculum and textbook.


5. Life Relevancy: 

The curriculum and textbooks prescribed according to the standard should be life related. Jeevanasi Non-Study Course is of no use. The main objective of education is to establish lifelong relationship of education. 

6. Sequencing : 

Textbook should be sequenced. Lessons should be structured according to teaching formula. Sequenced learning is important for effective learning.


7. Idealistic : 

Textbook texts provide new ideas, messages, inspiration. 

8. Practical : 

Development of practical abilities is the main objective of education.

9. Level wise :


The language of the textbook should be straightforward, simple and comprehensible. Create a textbook according to the student's grade level,

10. Correctness of Language:

The language of the textbook should be grammatically correct. Grammar impurity has a negative effect on the student and hinders language development.

11. Significance:


Textbook content should be meaningful and relevant. Avoid including unnecessary words and phrases.

12. Relationship with : 

There should be correlation between sentences, words, passages in the book. Also the text should have vital correlation.

13. Language Rights :


The language in the textbook should enrich the language development of the student. Language textbooks are the reservoirs for the development of word power, word beauty. 

14. Originality :

Care should be taken not to lose the originality of the original work of writers, poets, thinkers.

15. Variety of Style :


The diversity of style can be seen in various compositions through poetry writing, prose writing, ideological writing, sputum writing, essay writing, letter writing etc. 

16. Name :

The name of the textbook should be simple, clear, attractive and informative. The title of the textbook should give an idea of ​​the content of the book.

17. Size:


The size of the textbook should not be too big or too small but according to the class, age, physical ability.

18. Paper:-

Textbook paper should be of excellent quality. If the paper is of poor quality, the textbooks are prone to tearing. 

19. Printing :


Textbook printing should be clean. The letter should not be too small or too big. Avoid printing defects.

20. Picture:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Images are very helpful in explaining the content effectively. At the elementary level, pictures are very helpful and helpful.

21. Construction :


The structure of the textbook should be strong. Should be suitable for young students to handle.

22. Cover: 

The cover and back cover of the textbook should be attractive. The paper and construction of the cover and back cover should be strong and excellent.

23. Price:


The cost of the textbook should be reasonable. So that it is financially affordable for common students to buy.

Having a textbook and supplementary books with the above characteristics is helpful for the language development of the student.