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Major Responsibilities of the School | Role and Responsibility of the School


Major Responsibilities of the School 


Role and Responsibilities of the school- The responsibilities of the school are clear from the following points-

(1) Size of the school – 

The size of the school should not be too big. A study found that children studying in small schools took more interest in extra-curricular activities than students studying in large schools, which led to the development of their social self at a faster rate.

(2) Teacher's personality - 


The teacher's role in the school is the most important. 

Teacher's personality and interactions with his students have a direct impact on the socialization of children. 

Therefore, the personality of the teacher should be all-rounded. 

If the teacher himself is endowed with character traits and interacts lovingly with the children, then this creates encouragement and enthusiasm in the children and increases the emotional, adjustment capacity in his 'self' and the socialization of such children takes place rapidly.

(3) Physical environment of the school - 


The physical environment of the school means adequate cleanliness, arrangement for seating of all the staff, arrangement of computer and arrangement of all necessary staff, cleaning staff so that the students come to the school and enjoy and get knowledge.

(4) Mutual closeness of all the teachers - 

In order for the child to shape a clean 'self' in the school, it is necessary that love and goodwill should be developed in all the staff, as well as the Principal should also maintain good communication with all the staff. 

If there is someone known to the Principal, do not be biased towards him. This has a bad effect on children.

(5) Equal distribution of work – 


The Principal should distribute the work to each teacher in pairs of two and assign the work in writing. This develops the spirit of co-operation in the child.

(6) Teacher's adjustment - 

The teacher should be able to establish adjustment with everyone, then he should have good behavior. 

In fact, the child walks considering the teacher as an ideal model, so he follows in his footsteps, but if the teacher himself is maladjusted, then the child also becomes maladjusted, and the 'self' does not develop properly.

(7) School Director – 


First of all it is necessary that what is the school director like? The director of a government school is the principal himself, and in a private school, the principal is a puppet and the director of the institution is the chief. 

If the director of the school is unqualified, lacks knowledge related to the school, is greedy, the children in such a school are not able to shape themselves.

(8) The teacher should be of character and good conduct – 


It is necessary that the teacher should be of character in the formation of a clean self-shape of the child. 

At present, teachers with good character are rarely seen in schools. 

Everyday we read in the newspapers that such and such a teacher misbehaved with such and such a student. This hinders the formation of the child's 'self'.

(9) Contact with the parents – 

The school should always maintain contact with the parents. 

Take complete information about his personality so that the teacher can shape his self well. 


If the student always reaches school late, does not do homework, steals, lies, does not come after studying, then it becomes necessary for him to establish contact with the guardian. 

Along with this, the teacher should also keep informing the parents about his/her relationship with the student so that they can contribute in the development of the child's self.

(10) Take care of individual differences – 

Today's education is child-centred education in which teaching is done by keeping the child at the centre. 

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to first identify the students and see what is their qualification level. 


Categorize the children who are of sharp intelligence separately and categorize the weak students separately then do teaching. 

Not only this, it is also necessary for the teacher to pay special attention to the talented, creative, disabled, backward children, etc., so that accordingly they can help in building their self. 

Apart from this, there are some mischievous students whose job is to lash out at the teachers, criticize, disturb other students, and have fun. 

Efforts should be made to bring them on the right path by formulating various schemes.

(11) Be the best guide-


Nowadays, as soon as a child is born, parents start worrying about his career. He thinks of making him a doctor, engineer etc. according to his aspirations while the child wants to become something else but it is the responsibility of the teacher to help him choose a career according to his ability. With this, the development of the child's positive self is possible.

(12) Friendly behavior - 

The teacher should have friendly behavior with the children. Don't scold them for making mistakes, but explain them. 

Children get annoyed with the teacher due to scolding. 


For example- some teacher is called by nicknames like Khadus, some Tholya, some Gonchu, Pagal, etc. the teacher understands their problems. He talks to them lovingly, the students always listen to him and respect him. 

They take interest in his subjects, which creates a clean attitude towards the teacher in their mind, which gives a positive shape to their self.

In this way, the responsibility of the school is important in shaping the positive self of the child.