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Socio-cultural factors of Prejudice formation | Historical Factors in the Formation of Prejudice


Socio-Cultural factors of prejudice formation 


The following are the socio-cultural factors of prejudice formation- 

(1) Education – Education has a great influence on prejudice. Living in the society, the child takes education in two ways 

(1) Informal 

(2) Formal. 

He gets informal education from his parents and other members in his family. 

When the child grows up, the parents explain to him with whom he should play and with whom he should not play. With which group should one rise and sit, with whom not. 

But when he goes to school, receives formal education there, where he gets the power to think and understand, then such prejudices decrease.


(2) Custom- Prejudice is also formed due to customs, traditions, other ways of life. The customs of Hindus and Muslims differ. Because of this difference, the child becomes more prejudiced towards them.

(3) Social class – Social class also has an effect on prejudice. Mainly three classes are found in the society: 

(1) Upper social class 

(2) Middle social class 

(3) Lower social class 


Studies have shown that upper-class white Americans are more prejudiced against Jews. This is the situation in India. Indian upper and middle class people have negative prejudices towards people of lower socio-economic level.

(4) Mass media- Cinema, television, newspapers, radio, magazines have a lot of role in the formation of prejudice. 

For example, on television even today women are harassed by men. Her image is shown in a negative way, as a result, men have a negative attitude towards women.


(5) Urbanization – Urbanization also has an effect on prejudice. Today, the problem of urbanization is arising in the country and abroad. 

The number of filth, noise, insecurity, immoral relationships are increasing in the cities. It has been found through studies that most of the people consider the problem of urbanization in America to be dominated by Negroes and Jews. 

Therefore, negative attitude is found in their mind towards Negroes and Jews. 

The problem of urbanization is also arising in India, many residents of rural areas are settling in cities, due to which the problem of employment is arising, so they have a negative attitude towards the villagers.


(6) Caste – Indian society is divided into many castes. Studies have revealed that upper caste people are prejudiced towards other backward, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes. 

It has also been found that the amount of prejudice towards the lower class is relatively high among the upper class people. The amount of caste prejudice is highest among Hindu Brahmins.


(7) Social conflict – When social conflict of one nation with another nation arises, negative attitude towards that nation arises due to which prejudice is born. 

We used to see Chinese as honest, friendly, progressive until our social conflicts against the country of China arose. But due to the growing dispute on the Indo-China border, they are seen as imperialists, pimpom balls, traitors, cunning, sly etc. that means negative prejudice has developed towards them.

During World War II, America had bombed two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan, which the Japanese have not forgotten even today. Prejudice towards them can be seen in world sports even today.


(8) Urban Rural Areas - Many studies have found that people living in rural areas have a more liberal attitude than people living in urban areas. 

For example, towards Hindus, rural Christians are more prejudiced towards urban Christians.

(9) Religious group – The religion a person believes in, he has unwavering faith in the same religion. 

He gladly accepts the ethics, policies, beliefs, beliefs and unbeliefs of that religion. 

Due to which his negative bias towards other religions is established. 

American psychologists studied that the highest prejudice is found among those who believe in Catholicism, the least among those who believe in Protestant religion and the least among Jews.


Historical Factors in the Formation of Prejudice – 


In the historical factor, the causes of prejudice are certain types of attitudes that have been going on for a long time. 

The reason for such attitudes are deteriorating relations between humans, economic struggle, injustice, experiences of atrocities etc. These gradually take the shape of prejudice; 

Like- sexual prejudice in which a woman is considered to be weak, dependent on her husband, a domestic toy. Because of this, women have been tolerating the atrocities of men for centuries and she has considered tolerating it as her religion because it is said in our place that the husband is a deity, the wife should follow the husband's religion.


With this our businesses have also been historicised. We have divided which profession is good for men and which is good for women. such as trucks, buses, trains, The profession of driver is not considered suitable for women. 

If a woman does this work under circumstances, then she is looked down upon because the people of the society are prejudiced.

Similarly, the white race of America is negatively prejudiced towards the Negro American, there are historical factors behind it, in which the history of slavery of Negroes etc. is prominent.