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Meaning and Definitions of Integrated Education | Characteristics of Integrated Education


Integrated Education b.ed notes 

Meaning and Definitions of Integrated Education


Integration literally means that which is entered into the mainstream. Integration cannot be narrowed into the field of education or employment. Its achievements are successfully identified in the field of physically handicapped children, doing some work for such children, organising education institutions programmes, analyzing work that can be done by children in their future years and rehabilitation. It is also called integrated education in English.

Integration may be used in one or more of the following areas having regard to the individual needs of the particular child.—


(i) Physical Integration

(ii) Social Integration

(iii) Academic Integration 

Meaning of Integration

Integration can be understood as :

(i) Providing special services in general school.

(ii) To give cooperation to educationists and administrators of educational institutions.

(iii) Inclusion of students with disabilities in educational classes and other programs; Such as music, art, long-distance travel, practice and seminars etc.


(iv) Following the same daily routines for handicapped and normal children

(v) Providing sports venue, library and other facilities to handicapped students along with other general students.

(vi) To make arrangements for education of disabled students as per the need of the community.

(vii) Taking parents' views seriously


(viii) To teach all children to accept and understand human differences.

(ix) Providing individual programs.

(x) To motivate physically challenged and normal children for cooperation towards each other.

The National Education Policy (1986) also talked about equality in the field of education. It asks to find an education center at a short distance so that all can receive education. Educational institutions should be made attractive so that students do not leave the institution. Apart from this, some such educational institutions should also be opened in which the interest of students who are not able to go to school should also be kept in mind.


In integration, managing the education of physically challenged and normal children in the same educational institution, integration education has become the mainstream movement of education in America.

Sometimes integration is used in place of generalization because in integrated education normal children and disabled children are seen equally and treated in the same way.

In integrated education, gifted and normal children study together in classes full time or part time. Such meeting, adjustment, social or educational or a combination of both.


According to Stephen and Blackhurt, 

 “Mainstreaming is the education of mildy handicapped children in the regular classroom. It is based on the phi losophy of “equal opportunity” that implemented through individual planning to promote appropriate learning achievement and social normalisation.

Integrated education helps children with physical and mental disabilities to meet their special needs by providing special services to receive education in a normal classroom along with normal children.


Characteristics of Integrated Education


Integrated education can include the following features :

(i) Integrated education is not a substitute for specialized education. Integrated education is a complement to specialized education. Very few physically handicapped children can be admitted in the integrated education institution. Seriously handicapped children who take education in special educational institutions, after acquiring communication and other talents, they can get admission in integrated schools.


(ii) Integrated education is such, under which physically challenged children and normal children take education together in normal classes. Disabled children can be provided more help as needed. Hence it is a practical solution against the segregation of children with disabilities.

(iii) It provides a less restrictive and more effective environment to children with disabilities so that they can live like normal drivers.


(iv) It makes handicapped children self-reliant by providing them equal opportunities for education.

(v) It is helpful at every level of the society in creating a healthy social environment and relationship between handicapped and normal children in the society. Society provides each other with a sense of distance and mutual cooperation.


(vi) It accepts children with disabilities as their individual rights.

(vii) In this physically challenged children are also considered as important as normal children.

(viii) It ensures the upliftment of the standard of living of handicapped children and their civil rights.


(ix) Integrated education is based on the collective effort of teachers, educationists and parents.

(x) Integrated education: Equality and opportunity of teaching is basically a dimension to achieve the goal of education.

(xi) This education enables handicapped children to face mental problems.

Objectives of Integrated Education


Following are the objectives of integrated or coordinated education :

(1) Integrated or coordinated education provides equal opportunities for education to general and special children.

(2) This education helps in adjusting the special children easily in the society and natural environment through integrated education.

(3) Integrated education provides equal education to special and general children.


(4) Mental development of special children takes place through integrated education and it instills self-confidence in them.

(5) Special children can get education without any discrimination through integrated education.

(6) Integrated education helps in eradicating the feeling of being special among children.