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Child Centered And Progressive Education b.ed notes


Concept of Child Centered And Progressive Education 


Meaning of Child Centered Education 

Child-centered education should be based on the basic instincts, motivations and emotions of the child so that a new direction can be given to their education, if there is any mistake in it, then it can be corrected, under this, by studying the physical and mental abilities of the children, on their basis help in the development of. 

For example, if a child is mentally or physically weak or is associated with criminal activities, then first that deficiency is removed. 

Some teachers, due to lack of psychological knowledge, try to cure by spanking but this will make the situation worse. 

Indian educationist Giju Bhai has played an important role in child-centered education, for this he has written many famous books related to child psychology, education and adolescent literature.


In ancient times, the purpose of education was only to make children remember knowledge. But in modern education planning is done considering the child as the center. At present the emphasis is on the overall development of the child.

All aspects of physical, social and mental development etc. of the child come in the overall development. Therefore, it is very important for the teacher to have knowledge of education psychology.

In this arrangement, each child is given separate attention and separate curriculum has been arranged for backward and mentally retarded children.


  • In child-centred education, the center of education is the child.
  • In child-centred education, teaching is done according to the psychology of the child.
  • Its purpose is to overcome learning difficulties.
  • In this the child is at the center of the learning process.
  • In child-centred education, study is done on the development of physical and mental abilities of the child.
  • In this, diagnostic and remedial teaching is done to solve the problem of children.
  • Individual differences are emphasized.

NCF-2005 Child-centered Education


1 The education policy made on the target of the child or the students is called child-centred education.

Factors like learning stage of learners, barriers to learning, learning curve and training are included.

3 This experiment is based on Vaadi ideology.

Child Centered And Progressive Education b.ed notes

Principles of Child-Centered Learning 


1 Theory of Activity

2 Theory of Motivation

3 Principle of objective education

4 Theory of interest

5 Principle of Partition 

Characteristics of Child-Centered Education


1. Knowledge of children

Knowledge of child psychology should be essential for teachers to be successful. Even in the absence of this, the characteristics of the children will not be understood. 

The teacher should have knowledge of the child's behavior, voice, respect, appearance, abilities and personality.

2. Teaching method

Child psychology can give a useful teaching method to the teacher. He comes to know that what type of child should be taught, how to teach with which method, children should be taught through moral stories, dramas, examples related to their lives should be given. The syllabus should be taught in parts.


3. Curriculum

While making the curriculum, it should be kept in mind that what are the needs of the student and the society. 

It should be based on curriculum and science, it should be flexible, it should be according to the interest of the children, and it should be based on individual differences. Along with this, it should also fulfill the educational objectives.

4. Evaluation and testing

Evaluation shows the progress of the child. Teacher and learner want to know again and again, how much progress he has made, success or success. 

So why and what changes can be made in it. All types of evaluation methods Psychological facts is based on.


Child psychology is used to maintain discipline and order in the classroom under child-centred education. 

For example, naughty children should be encouraged by finding out their good qualities.

Curriculum format under child-centred education 

(1) The curriculum should be based on prior knowledge

(2) as per interest

(3) related to life

(4) inculcating the feeling of nationalism


(5) According to social need

(6) mental level

(7) According to individual variation

Progressive Education

The only purpose of progressive education is to develop the abilities of the child.  

John Dewey has a special contribution in the development of progressive education. 

Progressive education tells that education is for the child, not for the child's education, therefore the purpose of education should be to create such an environment. In which every child can progress and develop.


American scientist John Dewey has made a special contribution in this field.  

According to John Dewey, some important facts regarding progressive education are as follows :-

  • The only aim of such education is to develop the powers of the child.
  • Education is for the child and not the child for education.
  • Emphasis on making teaching method more practical.
  • Education should be based on "interest" and "effort".
  • Teacher is the servant of the society.
  • Emphasis on making education compulsory and universal.
  • To prepare such an environment for the education of the child in which social development of the child can take place.
  • To provide a social environment for the development of the child.


Features of Progressive Education

(1) Emphasis should be given to the child to learn by doing himself.

(2) The child should be given a chance to make his own programme.

(3) Emphasis should be placed on problem solving and critical thinking.

(4) Opposition to Rattan Vidya.


(5) Emphasis on collaborative and cooperative learning projects.

(6) Creation of education on the basis of individual differences.

(7) The curriculum in the schools should be reflective.

(8) The teaching method should focus on the strengths of the children.

(9) Progressive education does not emphasize on exams and marks.


(10) Progressive education says that education is such that the children will be useful in their future.

(11) Learning through activities by working in groups.

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