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Different types of Developmental Disorders


Different types of Developmental Disorders


The following are different types of developmental disorders:

Communication disorders :

Communication disorders As mentioned earlier , this type of developmental disorder deserves the most attention. 

Basically , communication disorders affect a person's ability and ability to communicate. 


Communication is an important aspect of making sense of the world , and children with this type of disorder may experience delays and impairments in other aspects of their lives. 

Communication disorders include mixed receptive expressive language disorder , expressive language disorder , phonological disorder, and grasping.

Learning disorders and disabilities :


Learning disorders and disabilities This group of developmental disorders can greatly affect a person's learning ability and academic functioning and is best diagnosed by a professional. 

The most common are dyslexia (problem with reading) , dyscalculia (problem with math) and dysgraphia (problem with writing). 

Typically , people suffering from such conditions have difficulty performing certain types of tasks if left alone or instructed using traditional learning methods.

Autism spectrum disorders :


Autism spectrum disorders. A type of neurodevelopmental disorder , people with autism spectrum disorder may exhibit difficulties interacting with others, expressing or understanding verbal and non-verbal communication, and may have significantly restrictive or repetitive behaviors. The disorder is usually seen in the first two years of the patient's life.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) :


Also known as ADHD , this condition affects a patient's executive functions , such as attention and control over inhibitions. ADHD is not usually included in the narrow definition of developmental disorders , but can severely limit a child's development. 

Main characteristics

There are different symptoms associated with developmental disorders depending on the affected faculty of the individual. For example , individuals with autism spectrum disorder have impaired communication and social skills. Meanwhile , patients with learning disabilities and disorders have a noticeable impairment in academic tasks , such as reading and writing or understanding and solving math problems.


On the other hand, Symptoms of ADHD are hyperactivity , inability to concentrate , impulsivity, and poor interpersonal relationships.