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Which are the best Universities in Australia ? Best Universities in Australia


Which are the best universities in Australia, know the name 

The number of youths studying abroad has now increased not in thousands or lakhs but in crores. All go abroad for higher education only after 12th. If it is said that the youth of India are now going to study and earn in the whole world, then it will not be wrong. Every year the number of people going abroad is increasing. Australia is also one of them. 

Let us know which are the best universities in Australia.

1. The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is considered one of the top research universities in the world. Master of Management, Master of Physiotherapy and Master of Data Science courses are done here. A big hostel has been built in the campus of this university for the students to stay. 

All kinds of facilities have been made available in this college. The fees of this university is very high as compared to other colleges. But because of the higher education here, the youths pay huge amount. The placement of this university is also very good. 


2. The University of Melbourne

According to The University of Melbourne Times Higher Education's World University Rankings, it is Australia's top university. 

As beautiful as this university is in appearance, it is ahead in terms of education. Thousands of youths come here every year to study. 

Popular courses here are MSc Computer Science, Full Time MBA and ME in Mechanical Engineering. After completing this course, they are also given placement by the university. 

3. Monash University

Monash University is one of the largest universities in Australia. The top courses offered by this university include MBA, Master of Information Technology, Master of Data Science. Hostel facility is also provided by the university for the students. 

For admission in this university one has to clear the entrance exam. After getting the result, you will have to fill many forms. Only then will you get admission in this university. Placement is also provided by the university.


4. RMIT University

RMIT University is a research university in Australia. Along with studies in this university, research is also done on any topic. The university offers ME in International Automotive Engineering, BE Honors in Automotive Engineering and MBA.

5. Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology is the fastest growing research university in Australia. In this university also every facility has been made available for the students. 

So that they do not face any kind of problem and the children can concentrate and study comfortably. 

Master of Information Technology, MBA and Master of Engineering are conducted in this university. Very good placement is given to the students by this university. 


6. University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales students have been named among the 30 most sought-after employers by LinkedIn. 

AGSM MBA Full Time, Master of Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering Master of Engineering Science courses are offered in this university. The accommodation facilities for the students are available in the university campus itself. 

There is also a library for the students to study separately. Talking about the fees of this university, the fees of this university is a little less as compared to other colleges. 

7. Australian National University

The Australian National University is considered the best and most expensive college in Australia in the QS World University Rankings. It is a bit difficult to take the entrance exam for this college. 

A high rank is required to get admission in this college. Courses like Master of Computing, MBA and ME in Mechatronics are offered in this college. The university has provided on-campus accommodation for all the students. 

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