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Need and Importance of Guidance | Guidance and Counselling


Guidance and Counselling 

Need and Importance of Guidance

In the present times, the complexities of human life are increasing, as a result of which he is facing new problems daily. Today's personal, social, industrial and economic conditions are so vague and inconvenient that a person himself cannot solve his difficulties and problems. In such a situation proper guidance and direction is required. There can be following reasons for the usefulness and necessity of guidance for a person

1. Need of guidance from personal point of view

- It is necessary for a person to get the facilities of guidance to fulfill his life goal. The need for this type of guidance is related to personal life. In this, guidance is given keeping in view the interest, abilities and facilities of the individual.

2. Need for guidance from the social point of view - 

In the present society, a person appears unable to organize himself properly.

Therefore, it is necessary to make him aware of the society so that he can contribute to the progress of the society. This type of guidance is related to social life. Through proper guidance a person can be trained to become a useful member of the society.


3. Changes in family status - 

Due to disintegration in the family system and due to orthodoxy, many problems arise in the family.

Family members are unable to give proper guidance to each other due to conservatism and their traditions. Hence there is a need for guidance due to the changed conditions of the family.

4. Help in school related work - 

The school provides important support in meeting the growing needs of the individual and the society. Often parents and guardians force their children to choose curricular subjects according to their traditions and ambitions.

While doing this, they do not give any consideration to their children's interests and abilities etc. Today the importance of guidance has increased in schools. Due to the multifaceted curriculum in the schools, the help of guidance is necessary in choosing the subject of the students. The results of present examinations show that a large number of students waste time, labor and money by failing every year. The reason for this type of failure is not the inability of the students but lack of interest, lack of motivation and emotional difficulties due to which they fail in he examination. These types of problems can be solved only by guidance

5. Industrial Development- 

Today new industries are being established in our country daily. The problems that arise due to the increase in the number of different types of industries and businesses can be solved only by guidance services. Through guidance, a person can choose a business according to his interest, ability and ability.


6. Direction for the all-round development of personality - 

One of the main objectives of education is the development of personality.

Therefore, guidance is required for the balanced development of various aspects of personality.