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Characteristics of Guidance | Features of Guidance


Characteristics of Guidance

The main features of guidance are as follows:

1. Guidance is helpful in moving forward in life.

Like teaching, guidance is also a process of development

2. Guidance is to enable a person to take his own decisions and help him carry his own burden

3. Under this, one person helps another person in choosing his problems and options for adjustment. It helps in solving problems in every area of life.

4. Guidance pervades the process of education.

Every education should understand the interests, abilities and capabilities of its students and present favorable learning conditions to them so that their needs can be satisfied.


5. Guidance provides assistance in customizing instruction to suit the individual needs of students.

6. Guidance process is involved in effective teaching and instruction. In the absence of intelligent guidance, the teaching process is incomplete.

7. To develop the person through guidance, to give him adequate information about himself and to help him understand his role in professional life.

8. Guidance is the basic effort to preserve the individual's innate abilities and strengths and various skills through training.