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Need and Importance of Health Education


Concept of Health Education | Area of Health Education | Need and importance of health education

Concept of Health Education

The importance of both the words health education and health science (hygiene) is the same. The word hygiene is derived from the Greek goddess Hygieia, which means health.

Therefore, it can be said that health or health education science, "is the science under which the human body is studied completely."

Knowing the rules of health and taking care of the health of the students according to them is called health education. Through the health education program in the school, the students are introduced to the rules of health. Various efforts are made by education to create a healthy environment in the school.

Definition of Health Education

While giving the definition of health education, Thomas D. Wood has said that “ Health education is the sum total of public experiences that influence the habits, attitudes and knowledge related to the health of the individual, community and species.”


Similarly, Grout has said that "Health education is the translation of what is in the subject of health-related behavior of the individual and the community through the educational process."

According to Sophie, health education is related to the health related behavior of the people.

According to the US President's Committee on Health Education, New York (1973), health education is a process that bridges the gap between health-related information and health-related practices and habits. Health education enables a person to receive and apply information to keep himself fit and to avoid actions that may be harmful.

Area of Health Education 

The field of health education is very wide. The main goal of health education is to raise the standard of personal and social life so that each person and the whole society remain healthy and aware. 

That is why the study of health education includes all those conditions which are found in the internal and external world and which have a deep impact on health. Along with this, it is helpful in controlling the circumstances so that both human body and brain can function smoothly.


When there is any obstruction in the functioning of the human body, then different types of diseases are born. Therefore, it becomes necessary that every person should have knowledge of the structure and functions of the body. Along with this, it is also necessary to have the knowledge that the body interacts with the environment in such a way, the relationship of the above knowledge itself comes under health education. 

At the same time, the second part is outside every human being, in which his social environment comes and is related to his health, the study of which is also no less necessary. This is called social relationship of health education. Both the above approaches come in the field of health education.

Need and Importance of Health Education 

The development of health is gradual and every time some changes are seen in it. That's why it is mandatory for a person to protect his health from birth to adulthood. There should be no hindrance in the growth of the body. 

Health care is especially important in childhood. Because in this stage, the development sequence happens at a faster pace than other stages. Whatever health is in any condition, it should be maintained so that the functioning of the organs in the body goes on smoothly and no defect arises in it. For this, suitable food, air and other elements should be available. These items are based on the person's age, body shape and progress of work. In this way, it is necessary to take special care of every child to maintain his health.


Although the development of health is possible only till a certain age, yet this form of development continues till life. If there is any kind of hindrance in the development of health, then it should be understood that there is some deficiency somewhere. 

As far as health development is concerned, it happens at a rapid pace during childhood. In this stage, it is easily experienced whether the development of health is going on properly or not. Here the parents and the school have a special responsibility.

Generally, different types of diseases are seen in the environment around us. Children mainly get sick at home and school. This affects their growth and health. It is necessary for the child's parents and teachers to have general knowledge of these diseases so that they can protect themselves and their children from various diseases. This also includes the knowledge that what are the diseases, how they spread and how their general treatment is possible.


For the last few years, the importance of health education is increasing day by day. The reason for this is that social and health problems are being given more attention by the media. Due to this, the health facility among the people has become a social objective for the countries around the world. 

Health education is important because its main goal is to ensure optimal, all-round health for the individual. Such holistic health includes almost all aspects including physical, mental, social and emotional dimensions, which can make a person healthy and a good citizen. This is the reason why health education is being considered as the most important link of education.