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Role of School Counselor in Guidance b.ed notes | Bednotesatoz


Role of School Counselor in the Program

Basically a counselor is an expert from the field of education itself. The counselor is expected to run the guidance activities more smoothly than other employees. Counselors in Indian conditions are in the form of full-time counsellors, part-time counsellors, and visiting school counsellors.

The responsibilities of a guidance worker as a counselor include the following specific tasks:

1) Diagnostic

2) Therapeutic

3) Evaluation and Research

Different specialized services and skills are included in each specific work area. After carefully planning the school guidance programme, a counselor works in a systematic manner. For this the counselor surveys the needs of the students, collects material and other resources and ensures co-operation from the administrative authorities.


Role of School Counselor in Guidance 

In general, the consultant performs various functions. 

The various functions of a school counselor can be described under the following heads- 

A. Orientation of the students : 

New students are introduced to the program

So that they can adjust to this new environment and feel free to learn the subject matter. The counselor can do all this individually or collectively. For this he can organize meetings and debates.

B. Student Assessment :

Counselors need information and resources for a counseling program to identify students' counseling needs and help students understand themselves and adopt a methodology. 

Meaningful information about a counselor student is to interview with students, interview with their parents and interview with students' teachers and from other persons in the school.

C. The Educational and Vocational Information : 

Services counselor is responsible for coordinating all information. He helps the students and their parents to find out the possibilities and opportunities and also helps them to use this information.

The counselor can help in setting up a 'career corner' in the school and provide support to the career teacher. He can adopt various methods to collect, classify and keep complete educational and vocational information. A counselor has up-to-date information about employment and maintains personal contact with various executives and recruiters. The counselor also has a responsibility to share information. He can do this through educational tours, guest lectures, career conferences and career study projects, etc.


D. Conducting Counseling Interviews :

A counselor is responsible for providing counseling to the students according to their individual needs. Through interview he helps the students by evaluating their experiences and relating these experiences to their actual behaviours. Most of his work is to provide educational and vocational guidance. The counselor helps students develop problem solving skills and the ability to think independently, plan, make decisions. For this he can also form small groups of students.

E. Placement :

It is also the responsibility of the counselor to act as a link between the outside institutions and the dropout students so that various information can be received by the students.

F. Research and Evaluation :

The counselor conducts research and prepares a plan to find out whether the guidance program in the school has really achieved the desired objectives and whether the needs of the students have been met. In this context, the consultant undertakes several programs of research and evaluation.