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Meaning, Definition and Characteristics of Political Sociology


Meaning, definition and characteristics of Political Sociology

Political sociology is a major branch of sociology. 

Its existence came gradually in the society and people's interest towards it has also increased. Often it was already present in the society, but the work of understanding and studying it started late political sociology. It is present in every sector of the society. We just need to understand it. 

Under political sociology, along with the study of various processes occurring in human society such as political social interrelationships, mutual behavior, political social structures, institutions, groups and political social systems in the society, as well as the study of the effects of politics in each area of the society, political Do it in sociology. 

Political sociology can be explained clearly by studying political science and sociology in a way in political sociology.

Meaning of Political Sociology:


Political sociology is basically made up of two major words politics and sociology. We can also understand the meaning of Political Sociology in different ways. We relate the meaning of political to political events, political activities, political institutions. 

Political incidents happen in every area around us. While in Sociology we study social events, groups, institutions, social values, human behavior and every activity happening around it and the action between human relations. 

Therefore, political sociology is made up of both the sciences. That's why we study both together under this.

Therefore, political social relations, political social events, groups, institutions and human relations, interactions and its behavior, environment and activities are also studied under political sociology

Definition of Political Sociology:

It is difficult to define political sociology universally. Nevertheless, many scholars have presented ideas regarding defining political sociology with their own views.

Which is as follows


According to Lewis A. Causer , "Political sociology is the language that studies the causes and effects of the given distribution of power in societies or among societies of societies and those social and political conflicts. Which thus brings about a change in distribution.

According to Steward Rise, "The field of political sociology may be defined as an attempt to Those who use various sociological concepts and methods in the study of political behavior and political institutions.

According to Dowse and Hughes , "Political sociology is basically that branch of sociology. Whose relation is to analyze action in politics and society.

On the basis of the above definitions, it can be said that "Political Sociology is that branch or science of Sociology. Under which scientific study of every events occurring in the society, mutual relations, processes, mutual interactions, arrangements and conditions on social life is mainly done in relation to the political perspective.

Salient Features of Political Sociology:

Some of the main features of Political Sociology are as follows:


1. Separation of Political Sociology from Political Science:

Political sociology is a separate science from political science. Because rights study the effects under political science. While in Political Sociology, the study of events, institutions, social actions, studies of political social rights and effects.

2. Difference of political sociology from social science:

In political sociology, political social events and systems are studied in the political context rather than the events, interactions, systems that occur in the society. Hence it is different from social science.

3. Specification of Political Sociology:

In the present times, this science has a special place, this science is a combined form of both political and social, but it creates its own unique identity in political social systems and their study. It has been successful in bringing this science to a unique position in its subject matter and field.


4. Political sociology as a modern form or budding infant:

Political sociology is a branch of sociology and it is a combined science of both political science and sociology. Sociology is a modern science. Hence political sociology is also a modern science. Due to its origin from two sciences, it can also be called a budding infant form because it has not developed much yet.

5. Similarity of political sociology with other sciences:

Political sociology is both a specialized and effective science, as well as a new science.