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Role of teacher in School Guidance Programme


Role of teacher in guidance and counselling 

Role of Teacher in School Guidance Programme – 

The cooperation of the teacher in the school guidance program is very important, because in the teaching-learning process, the teacher is the only person who helps the students. Comes in more and closer contact. No employee does as much as he observes and supervises the students. Therefore, formation of guidance services is impossible without the cooperation of the teacher. 

In the operation of guidance system, the teacher can perform the following tasks-

  • To observe and record the students in different situations - while reading, while playing and while doing other work.
  • To establish close contact with the students.
  • To test and evaluate the students from time to time.
  • To know the interests and aptitudes of the students through informal conversation with them.
  • Providing information about employment and higher education opportunities related to your teaching subject.
  • Meeting the parents of the students from time to time and discussing their progress and problems.
  • Identifying talented and low intelligence students and making proper arrangements for their development.
  • Helping the counselor for the success of the instructional system.


Role of the Class Teacher in the School Guidance Program – 

Although every subject teacher is needed in the proper management and smooth operation of the guidance system, but the class-teacher plays a special role in it. 

The following are the main functions of the class teacher:

  • Maintaining the Cumulative Record Card of each student and making desired entries in it from time to time.
  • Identifying those students who face problems in the class. Providing assistance to the counselor in solving and promoting those problems.
  • Keeping an eye on the adjustment of each student, if any student is facing difficulty in adjustment, then try to remove it immediately.
  • To be aware of each student's peers and leisure activities and to study their impact on his development and to introduce his views to the counselor and parents.

In short, it can be said that in the efficient management and operation of various services of 'instruction system', the teacher, whether it is a subject teacher or a class teacher, plays a very important role. Therefore, his cooperation should be ensured.