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Need of Guidance in School b.ed notes | Bednotesatoz


Need of Guidance in School

Guidance in school is necessary for the following things:

1. Educational Need - 

Students have to face many problems while getting education; Like choosing subjects or courses, choosing appropriate books, choosing hobbies and co-curricular activities. They also need guidance to improve their writing, pronunciation and study habits. They also need support in the process of learning and in acquiring specific knowledge and skills. 

Therefore, their educational needs are developmental as well as accommodative. Therefore, they need guidance to be properly adjusted and progress in the field of education.

2. Vocational Needs - 

One of the important objectives of education is to make children capable of earning their livelihood in future.


Many professions can be adopted by them in future. Knowledge of these businesses and opportunities is very important for maximum utilisation of personal and national resources. Guidance helps us a lot in this direction by providing vocational information. Not everyone can do all kinds of work. He should get proper guidance to choose a job according to his abilities and strengths. 

Vocational adjustment is very important for success in life and national growth and this can happen when every person is guided by qualified persons to choose a profession according to their abilities, interests and aptitudes at a young age.

3. Personal and Psychological Need :

Guidance is very necessary for the personal and psychological adjustment of children. Thein emotional and social adjustment is very important for their proper development and their success in life. Many serious problems arise from maladjustment. Many types of mental disorders can arise in children.

Therefore, guidance is needed to free children from mental confusion, tensions and worries.


In this way, if we want to help children in self adjustment and social adjustment and want to lead them on the path of development, then guidance as to be presented to them. Guidance is all the more necessary for a country like India where most of the parents are illiterate or semi-educated.

Therefore teachers should feel the need of guidance and make arrangements for guidance in schools.