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Nature of Physical Science b.ed notes | Pedagogy of Physical Science


Pedagogy of Physical Science b.ed notes in English

Nature of Physical Science b.ed notes 


1. Systematic and understandable - 

Physics is systematic and orderly. Therefore, the nature of physics is systematic and orderly and is understandable. The rules, principles, methods, techniques and discoveries of physics are all studied in a sequential systematic format.

2. Direct truth -

Physical science is based on direct truth. In physics, whatever can be understood by the intellect can be seen by the eyes.

Physical science considers the same to be true and can be received by the senses.

3. Accuracy -

The results of physics are accurate. If there are any errors in accuracy, then they are due to the data and tests done by humans.

4. In physics, every fact is analyzed and studied by dividing it into small parts.


5. Imagination or hypothesis -

Hypothesis has an important place in the ideology of physics, whenever two facts are seen happening simultaneously. When we see something, we immediately imagine some relation between them, then on the basis of this imagination new facts are discovered. The human brain does not make any definite assumption until all the data is available to it.

6. Validity - 

The validity of physics is the same throughout the world under the same conditions and environment. Therefore, we can verify our scientific results anywhere and anytime.

7. Change in facts - 

The facts of physics are changeable. There are always new researches happening in physics due to which As a result, new facts and mistakes are revealed and as a result changes have to be made. For example, earlier people believed that the Sun revolves around the Earth but later it became known that the Earth is revolving around the Sun.


8. Stability - 

The laws and principles of physics remain universally accepted for a very long time. Like Newton's laws, Einstein's theories etc.

9. Physical science has answers to the questions about our environment and nature, but still science does not have answers to some questions like some phenomena of spiritual power.

10. The ideology of physical science is free from bias or does not depend on the perception of any particular person. There is no place for a person's feelings here.