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Women Empowerment: Role of Education in Women Empowerment

Gender School And Society B.ed notes 


  • In some societies, women are still discriminated on their gender.
  • They are not given the same right as men.
  • Women are still paid less, expected to cook, clean etc.
  • Women are still strict by their culture and family.
  • As women cannot go out at night or with the guys.
  • They still not allow women to work or study far away from their home because they believe that women are weaker than men and some husbands get jealousy.
  • Women's empowerment is really needed in the societies. It's so important for women self-esteem and also for societies.



Meaning :- Women empowerment is simple words can be understood as giving Power to Women to decide for their Own Lives ,so that they could be able to find their rightful place in the society.

  • Empowering women is to give women the right.
  • Women can have equal right to participate in education, society, economy and politics.
  • Women's empowerment is a part to encourage women to feel strong by telling them that they can do everything that they want to do.

1) Women empowerment helps in improving the standard of life of women in rural as well as metro areas.

2) Women's empowerment helps in preventing the cruel crime of female foeticide.

3) It also helps in reducing domestic violence and crimes against women.

4) Women empowerment helps in reducing gender inequality in society.

5) The empowerment of women has also brought a lot of economic and social gains to India.


6) Women empowerment is important for solving societal issues like poverty, unemployment and birth control in India.

7) Women empowerment helps in securing the rights of women in India thereby maintaining their social status in society.

8) Women empowerment helps in achieving comprehensive growth meaning growth in each sector and for all the sections of society.

9) Empowered women can contribute to nation building by joining any sector like an army, social service, politics, education, corporate sector, etc.

10) The government should focus, especially in rural areas, for empowering women as the majority of India's population resides in the village.



Principle I: Treat all people fairly at work, respecting and supporting non discrimination and human rights.

Principle 2: Ensure the health, well-being and safety of all workers, whether male or female.

Principle 3: Promote education, training and professional development for women.

Principle 4: Implement supply chain, marketing practices and enterprise development that empower women.

Principle 5: Campaign equality through community initiatives and advocacy.


Principle 6: Measure and report publicly on progress to create gender equality.

Role of Education in Women Empowerment


Education empowers women - Educated girls and young women are more likely to know their rights and to have the confidence to claim them.

Education equality improves job opportunities and increases economic growth - If all children, had equal access to education, productivity gains would boost economic growth. Educating women avoids early marriages - If education is provided to more number of women it will be helpful in avoiding child marriage.

Education saves mother's lives - In some countries many women will die because of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Education can prevent these deaths.


Education fights hunger - The devastating impact of malnutrition on children's lives is preventable with the help of education. Some child diseases are preventable but not without education - Simple solutions, such as malaria nets and clean water, can prevent some of the worst child diseases, but only if mothers are taught to use them.

Education saves children's lives - Education helps women recognise early signs of illness, seek advice and act on it. If all women in poor countries completed primary education, child mortality would drop by a sixth.

Education promotes tolerance - Education helps people to understand democracy, promotes the tolerance and trust that underpin it, and motivate people to participate in the political life of their societies.



  • Every woman has got her own aspiration which may be high on low, but education helps to maintain a balanced aspiration knowing her interest, ability and potential which further helps her to choose a correct field of her work.

  • Education helps in balanced personality development by giving due weight to various aspects of personality.

  • Education of women also plays and important role in teaching her expression of feeling or through effective communication which can solve disputes and adjustment problems of any level.

  • An educated women is a guiding light for the children, family members, Society and nation, she knows how to have a happy family and balanced and healthy relations with others.

  • Education encourages women especially the rural women to take advantage of the various schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Operation Black - Board, and Total Literacy Programmes etc.

  • Education helps to improve the sex ratio and in controlling population.

  • Education gives power to a women to become strong physically by giving her knowledge about sports, exercise, health related aspects and good physical health; this will definitely benefit her mental health.