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Role of School in Gender Socialization b.ed notes| Gender School And Society

Gender School And Society b.ed notes 

Role of School in Gender Socialization

The school remains one of the social institutions that can and should build a deliberate gender education and a proper socialization to the benefit of society. The gender education should play an important role in the educational system.

Schools are major contexts for gender socialization, in part because children spend their large amount of time engaged with peers in such settings, Schools can magnify or diminish gender differences by providing environments that promote within gender similarity and between gender differences, on the inverse (within-gender variability-and between group similarity). School's affect gender differentiation via two primary sources teachers and peers.

Role of School in Gender Socialization b.ed notes 


  • Development of Positive Thinking
  • Discussion on Gender Equality in School Management committee 
  • Equality In Educational Activities 
  • Equality in Guidance and Counselling
  • Equality in Indoor & Outdoor Activites
  • Equality in Classroom Management 
  • Equality in Enrollment 
  • Construction of Teacher-Parents Association

1. Development of Positive Thinking:

There are often teachers' with negative and conservative views in the school system. Such teachers also hesitate to advise students.

But in the school Management Committee, there should be comprehensive discussions on all the parties in front of the parents.

The committee should understand that if the boys and girls are not different from each other in any way, then the development of positive thinking will be established in each boy and girl child in school.

2. Discussion on Gender Equality in School Management Committee:

The management committee of any school consists of women and men only. Therefore, there should be extensive discussions on the losses suffered by gender inequality in the meeting.


For this, sociologists and philosophers should also be invited in the meeting from time to time. This will eliminate gender discrimination in both the school and the social system.

3. Equality in Educational Activities:

There should be' no difference between boys and girls in educational activities. According to the interest of the boys and girls, they should be provided the curriculum.

4. Equality in Guidance and Counseling:

While directing and counseling the boys and girls in the school, it should not be prejudiced by any kind of prejudice, but in view of their ability, interest and ability, the boys and girls should be directed and counselled. With this, every child and girl child will get the opportunity to make the best progress in the educational and business sector.


5. Equality in Indoor and Outdoor Activities:

There should be equality status in the indoor and outdoor activities in the school. If the interest of a girl is to participate ina high jump, long jump competition, then she should be given this opportunity. If a boy child is interested in participating in folk dance, music, folk drama etc. then he should also get this opportunity.

6. Equality in Classroom Management:

Boys and girls should be given equal opportunities in classroom management. Both should be given equal opportunities to work on the post of the monitor. Girls should also be encouraged for leadership work.

There is a lack of confidence in the students in these works; then the school management should awaken confidence in them.

7. Equality in Enrolment:

While doing surveys in schools in the school, a record should be made while mentioning the names of girls of 6 to 14 years of schools going to school and by parents who do not enroll their child in school, school management should contact them at their home.


All the children and girls should make every effort to enroll in the school so that the status' of enrollment can be 100%.

8. Construction of Teacher parents Association:

In order to strengthen Gender equality, a parent-teacher association should be built in the school and the mothers should be brought towards in its construction.

Parents-teacher meetings should be organized within 15 days or a month, in which a wide variety of problems related to children and girls should be discussed intensively.

If any kind of discrimination is made by guardian in the child and girl, then there should be discussion in these meetings so that gender equality can be removed.