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Need and Importance Of Curriculum Construction

Curriculum Development

As the meaning or word this is the development, construction, collection or assimilation of the learning experience or content material.

Curriculum development can be defined as the process or activities like conceptualising the curriculum, selecting and organising the content material or learning experiences suggesting the methods and ways of providing these experiences and evaluating the earning outcomes and desired educational objectives.

Need and Importance Of Curriculum Construction

Clear purposes and goals

Curriculum is a purposeful and aim specific process, so this always taken into account to complete the objective and goals of education.

Continuous assessment and improvement of quality

Valid and reliable methods are already mentioned in curriculum to assess the education and students. So that the effectiveness of curriculum, teachers and syllabus can be checked/diagnosed and remedy can be provided.

Self feedback on mechanism

There are some methods through which self feedback can be done and check the progress if objectives are completed or not and help in designing and redesigning the curriculum.

High quality academic advising

The on-going research, evaluation, assessment helps to design the best curriculum to help the students to achieve their academic and co-curricular aims and goals.

Child centered shaping curriculum

Curriculum is child centred and age appropriate to enhance the learning and to fulfil the aims and goals. The curriculum helps to meet the requirement of philosophical, sociological, economical, psychological needs.

Helps in selection of learning experiences

By evaluation and assessing the teachers and students it helps in the selection of different methods of learning experience to enhance the teaching learning process.