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Emotional Development in Adolescence b.ed notes

Emotional Development in Adolescence b.ed notes 

Many emotional behaviour changes during adolescence. In fact, the onset of adolescence is marked by rapid changes in emotional behavior.

Some of the important features of emotional development in adolescence are:

1.  Feeling Dominated Life 

Life is very emotional during adolescence. Among the teenagers the activities of kindness, love, anger, sympathy, cooperation are powerful.

2.  Opposite Moods 


Anti psychosis may appear in the person during adolescence. He appears to be the most happy, sometimes extremely sad under almost the same circumstances. The situation which once makes it full of joy on one occasion makes it gloomy on the other.

3.  Differences in Emotions 

In adolescence, there are many differences in modern education, psychological emotion. Adolescent girls have different attitudes at different times. They sometimes seem discouraging and sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes extremely happy, sometimes even too unhappy, sometimes too angry, sometimes too sympathetic, sometimes too kind and sometimes too angry.

Emotional Development during Adolescence 

4.  Sex Instinct 

Sex Instinct act as central element of behaviour in adolescence. Due to the intensity of sex drive love emotions increases in adolescents.

5.  Hero Worship 


The feeling of heroic worship develops in adolescence. As imaginative, the adolescents are fascinated by their ideals, heroes and heroines of story, novel, cinema, history and real life. According to their ideals and interests, adolescents select some brave heroes and try to follow their ideals.

6.  Feeling of Self-Respect 

Adolescence often leads to feelings of pride. The adolescent does not want to suffer any hurt at his self - respect and pride. Sometimes teenagers escape from their homes when they get hurted or start thinking about suicide.

7.  Delinquency 


The adolescent is neither considered a child nor an adult, which leads to a difficulty in emotional behaviour. The failure of an effort to adapt to the environment leads to a sense of despondency which tends to drive him to guilt. The lack of love, the impediment to desire, the life of despair, the craving for new experiences can sometimes lead to a tendency to commit crimes in adolescence.

8.  Anxious Behaviour 

Teenagers are anxious about many things in adolescence. He is always keen on his complexion, health, dignity, financial status, academic progress, future profession, etc.

9.  Feeling of Independence 

The spirit of freedom is highly dominant in adolescence. The adolescent girls seek an independent way of living, not the ideals, traditions, customs, superstitions, etc. of their family and society. They want to realise the suitability of social ideals through debate. If theirs activities are forbidden. The young people then do not accept them easily, they try to revolt.


 From an observation of emotional development in adolescents, it is clear that adolescents have a higher level of activity, resulting in more aggressive emotional development at this stage.