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Social Development in Adolescence b.ed notes

Social Development in Adolescence b.ed notes

Social Development during Adolescence 

The social environment of boys and girls has become very wide in Adolescence. Along with physical, mental and emotional changes, their social behaviour is bound to change. As a result of the growing experience in adolescence and changing social relationships, teenagers are trying to adjust in a new way to the social environment.

The form of social development in adolescents is underperformed :-

1.  Formation of Groups :-


Adolescents form their own groups in adolescence. However, this group is not as temporary as that of childhood groups. The main purpose of these groups is to entertain. Groups are formed for tourism, dance, music, picnics, etc. Groups of teens are often separated.

2.  Development of Friendship :-

Friendships develops during adolescence. Boys do friendship with boys and girls with girls in the beginning, however in later adolescence, boys and girls are also interested in making friends with girls and boys. They appear before each other with their best costume, ornaments and adornments.

(3)  Devotion to the Group :-

Adolescents are highly devoted to their groups. The manners, costumes, thoughts, etc. of all the members of the group are almost the same. The adolescent idealizes and tries to follow what his group believes.

4.  Development of Social Qualities :-


As a group member, the adolescents develops enthusiasm, empathy, cooperation, goodwill, leadership, etc. Their desire is to gain a special place in the group for which they develop different social qualities.

5.  Development of the Feelings of Social Maturity :-

In adolescence, the desire to behave as adults develops in adolescents. They seek respect in society through their actions and manners. By considering themselves socially mature, they strive to fulfil their responsibilities towards society.

6.  Feeling of Revolt :-

In adolescence, adolescent boys and girls have a tendency to fight or differ from their parents and other families. Young boys and girls revolt if their parents try to assassinate their freedom and shape their lives according to their own ideals or lead them to follow by setting an example of moral ideals for them.

7.  Interest in Selection of Vocation :-


Occupational interests of adolescents begin to develop during adolescence. They are always anxious to choose their future vocation. Often, teenagers want to pursue more social status and productive pursuits.

8.  Extrovert Tendency :-

Extrovert Tendency develop in adolescence. The teenagers get opportunities to participate in their group 's activities and the various social activities, resulting in development of extrovert tendency or interests. He takes interest in writing, reading, music, art, social service, public relations, etc.

9. Influence of Political Parties :-

Adolescents may be influenced by the ideas of political parties in their Adolescence. Adolescents are generally influenced by a political ideology and become followers of a political party. The adolescent acts of kindness or assistance to gain respect, dignity and admiration in the team. While it helps adolescents in their social development, it is also likely that they become adolescent's boss by crossing the wrong path into a contorted political environment.


From view of the main features mentioned above in adolescence, it is clear that adolescence is a very important stage in social development.

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