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Causes of Family Disintegration b.ed notes

Causes of Family Disintegration

The main causes of family disintegration are: -

1. The rise of selfishness: 

When a feeling of selfishness becomes more powerful in some or all members of the family than in the interest of the family, then organisational tendency of the family tends to weaken and gradually family disintegration takes place. With the rise of selfishness, the prime base of the family cooperation becomes end.

2. The difference in social values: 


When the members of the family become different, leading to the elimination of co - ordination and conflict among themselves, they also affect the organisation of the family. Families have often seen that parents are of old ideology and the son and daughter of the new school of thought who do not believe in traditional orthodoxy. Thus the family organization tends to get spoiled due to variation of ideas and values.

3. Differences in objectives: 

As long as there is unity in the vital objectives of the members of the family, there is unity in them, but when differences of objectives are found, tension is created. This tension caused by variations in objectives leads to family disintegration.

4. Sexual dissatisfaction: 


When the husband or the wife are unable to satisfy each other in sexual relations, there is a feeling of aversion to each other. Disequilibrium in sexual relationships is a major cause of family disintegration.

5. Adverse circumstances - 

When adverse circumstances develop in the family, disintegration in the family starts. Examples of adverse circumstances are loss of employment, loss of any trade or prolonged illness or long term imprisonment of the head member.

6. Differences in the philosophy of life - 


When there is a great deal of difference between husband and wife or parents and the views of children , there is no harmony among the members. This also leads to family disintegration.

7. The characterlessness of the husband or wife:

In the family, if the husband or the wife or both become characterless, i. e. having sex outside the family, the basis of the family tends to get shaky. This stimulates family tension, discord or disruptive tendencies and results in family disintegration.

8. The death of the spouse - 


If the family is devoid of children and the spouse dies, the family breaks down automatically. Family disintegration takes place even if they have children and do not care well after the death of one of them.

9. Impact of industrialisation: 

Modern industrialisation has also led to a disintegration in the family. Industrialisation has given rise to many institutions that have started working for themselves in the family. Food and accommodation are provided in hotels, laundries for washing clothes, nursery for children and nursery are being reduced to the need of the family.

10. A change in the social frame


When the family members change their position and actions, the husband and wife adopt new social positions, they do not often reconcile them so that the family is in a state of tension and conflict. For example: when women become absorbed in a business and take part in a variety of things, they have an impact on family life. She starts finding it difficult to do her duties for the mother, wife and the housewife, that is, She may not be able to keep pace with the different conditions and roles of the mother and the wife, and sometimes family dissatisfaction increases with her.

11. Poverty: 

Poverty is a curse. Tension and dissatisfaction arises in the family members when adequate food, clothing and varied necessities are not met. In the event of economic stress, the family breaks up quickly.

12. The state of segregation : 


Sometimes the members lose their attachment for their family and, even when they live in their families, begin to regard each other as alienation leading to separation and family disintegration.

13. Self - reliance: 

Every member of the family at present tries to be Self-reliance and where the member became Self-reliance left to care for other members. Thus, the spirit of co - operation in the family disappears and the family begins to disintegrate.

14. An Incurable diseases of Spouse :


If the spouse is suffering from some incurable disease and if they do not have a child, then the family is at a risk of disintegration. In such a situation, husbands and wives become indifferent to each other and do not worry about each other.

15. Suppression of desires: 

When the head of the family is more despotic than the need and wants to rule by ignoring the wishes of others, there is in the family a state of rebellion and disintegration. Suppression of desires can be tolerated only for a short time. Finally, the other members of the family revolts against the head, leading to family disintegration.

16. Love marriages :

Love marriages are also causes of family disintegration. When young men and women fall in love before marriage, they fail to understand each other properly. After marriage, after a lapse of some time in luxury, the husband and wife develop tension after the loss of sexual desire and finally the dissolution of the family.

17. Change in the basis of marriage: 


Marriage has been accepted for a long time as a religious act and a sacred and unbreakable bond, but, under the influence of western civilization, marriage has become a mere social agreement. After some time in husband and wife where there was a little confusion that they thought of divorce. Thus, the family breaks down easily.

18. Materialistic and individualistic feelings : 

The materialism prevails in the modern times. Materialistic tendencies have promoted individualistic ideologies. Every member of the family tries his own material welfare. In such a situation, love, altruism, and selflessness are abolished among the members of the family. As a result, the unity of the family is eliminated, which ultimately encourages family disintegration.