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Professional Qualities of a teacher | Characteristics of Professional Teacher


Professional Qualities of a Teacher 



Characteristics of Professional Teacher 

1. Knowledge of Contents :

It is necessary for a teacher to know his subject exhaustively. If his knowledge is incomplete or shallow, then he cannot win the confidence of his students.

Until a teacher commands mastery over his subject, he would not be able to do the work of teaching patiently and confidently.

Incomplete knowledge of his subject will make him prone to commit errors. In the changing circumstances of present times, it is necessary for a teacher to amend and enrich his knowledge of Social Science/Studies with the Latest information and keep his knowledge at the optimum level.


2. Manner of Presentation of Contents :

The topic, concept, formula or law to be taught in the classroom should be presented by a teacher in a logical and analytical way.

Each step of the problem should be presented to the students in a logical and sequential manner. So, a teacher should understand the nature of children and should teach well.

3. Knowledge of Individual Differences :

Each student is unique in his reading, writing, understanding and working in rate and ability. So, it is necessary for a good teacher to know these individual differences.

When a teacher does not teach keeping in view these individual differences, he cannot become successful.


So it is necessary for a teacher to know the practical knowledge of psychology, only then he can teach the students keeping in view their individual differences, interests, abilities and capabilities.

4. Knowledge of Different Teaching Methods : 

Along side mastery over the subject, a teacher should necessarily know the good and effective teaching methods which can be used in his subject.

It is necessary for effective teaching that a teacher knows the aims and objectives of his subject clearly, because teaching-learning circumstances and teaching methods can be selected in reference to aims and objectives.


Variety and abstractness in a subject makes it all the more difficult. In such circumstances, a teacher should know effective teaching methods of mathematics, as inductive-deductive analytical method, synthetic method, research method, laboratory method, project method, etc. by which the students can get an opportunity to learning by doing.

It would make their leaning permanent. Suitable teaching methods should be selected keeping in view the individual differences, interests, needs and abilities of students. It can be possible only when a teacher knows about different methods of teaching.



These are as :

1. Relations with Pupils :

A teacher should behave with pupils cooperatively and prudently. He should take interest in their welfare.

A teacher should be friendly, polite and should take interest in students' welfare, only then the students accept him. This type of behaviour establishes him and wins the loyalty and devotion of students towards himself.

A teacher should pay special attention to the backward, dull and problematic students separately. His conduct should be ideal. He should keep himself away from smoking, drinking, gambling, censuring, spitting, etc.


2. Relations with Co-teachers :

A teacher should maintain family relations with other staff members and should work cooperatively. He should not criticize other staff members and interfere in their work. 

Goodwill among staff members is a guarantee against any type of indiscipline.

All teachers should work in cooperation.

The mutual behaviour of teachers should be polite, sympathetic and purposeful

3. Relations with Superiors :

A teacher should be cooperative and loyal to his superiors. He should follow his superiors in times of need and should take their criticism in a constructive way

4. Relations with Community:

A teacher should feel his responsibility towards the community. He should not overlook the educational aims for community. He should maintain close relations with parents and guardians. This allows him to understand each child properly.