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Qualities And Characteristics of a Good Teacher B.ed Notes


A teachar is called the nation builder, citizen builder, foundation stone of the educational process, guide of the society, etc. Thus, a teacher is generally expected to hold the following qualities in him:

  • Ability and skill to understand children.
  • His own educational and teaching abilities.
  • Capability to work with children and adjustment.
  • Willingness to work
  • Cooperation, goodwill, justice and leadership qualities.


It is necessary for a teacher to know the mental, physical and intellectual level of the students for effective teaching. Making proper use of the content of syllabus, teaching methods, teaching aids, etc. would depend upon a devoted and able teacher.

A teacher can make the subject of Social Science/Studies interesting and useful on the basis of his ability, experience and insight.

A teacher should have certain qualities by which he can develop mental faculties of thinking, understanding, analysis, synthesis, logic, etc. in students.

The qualities of a teacher are being discussed in the following lines :


1. Interest in the Subject:

A teacher should have mastery over the content of Social Science/Studies. It is necessary for him to be interested in his subject. If the teacher is not interested in his subject, he would not succeed in teaching the class with zeal, attention and perseverance. In order to allow Social Science/Studies to have proper place in the school curriculum, it is necessary that the teacher is attached to his subject and has interest in it.

2. Personality:

According to W. M. Ryburn, "The success of teaching process will depend on the teacher, on his knowledge and skill but especially on his general personality, qualities of life and character."


3. Sound Mind in a Sound Body :

A teacher should be physically healthy in order to carry out his responsibility well.

4. Personal Appearance :

Face is the index of mind. If the personal appearance of the teacher is attractive, the students will be influenced by him. An unkempt teacher with improper clothes cannot influence the children of modern times, especially the small children cannot be influenced by the ability of a teacher in dirty clothes.

5. Voice :

The voice of a teacher should be clear and influential. His pronunciation o should be proper else the children would learn to speak incorrectly

6. Expression :

The child should know how to speak continuously and effectively. It is necessary for a teacher to tell things in detail, especially the important ones. He can do this only when he has command over expression and language.


7. Above Normal Intelligence :

A person of above normal intelligence alone can become an able teacher because his attitude and outlook should be real and quick.

8. Sound Mental Health :

A teacher should possess balanced views. His duties demand of energetic and active life. He should confront all conditions enthusiastically. A teacher marred with difficulties in life produces difficulties before his pupils too. He can make a fool of himself before students and co-teachers. A pessimist and troubled person can never make a good teacher. A teacher should lead a contented life

9. Sound Character :

The conduct and behaviour of a teacher should never come under criticism. He must keep his emotions, especially anger, under control. He should display courage and contentment while dealing with students. He should abide by those ideals which he seeks to preach to students. His disposition should be just, impartial and away from misunderstandings. He must keep away from alcohol, smoking, telling a lies, abusive language, etc. and the society correctly expects him to keep away from such vices.


10. Enthusiasm :

A zealous and enthusiastic person attempts to achieve real objectives in life. This quality is necessary for great success in life. A teacher should keep studying his subject all the more so that he is introduced with latest discoveries and inventions. Besides, he should study the new approaches in curriculum construction and constitution of contents

11. Cheerfulness :

A teacher should be cheerful and progressive. A teacher with retrograde views creates such environment which is not conducive to good teaching.

12. Clear Thinking about Self :

A teacher should hold clear thinking about life. He should keep in view his profession and progress and well-being, and he should keep in mind the social laws and responsibilities.

13. Leadership Qualities :

A teacher is the leader of a group called class. If a teacher has effective leadership qualities then he can easily establish discipline in the school.


14. Diversified Hobbies :

A teacher should have varied hobbies and interests. He should also contribute in co-curricular activities and sports and games in addition to curricular activities.

15. Emotional Balance :

A teacher should possess emotional balance. In its absence be may not be able to develop emotional abilities in students and may have to confront difficulties of different types.

16. Firm Determination :

A teacher is considered to be the nation builder, so he is expected to have the spirit of firm determination. A teacher should be truthful, tolerant and honest. If he doesn't have high moral qualities, then he cannot lead the students and community well. The more determined a teacher is, the more successful he would be Therefore, a teacher should do his work with firm determination.

17. Positive Attitude to Subject:

A teacher should command a positive and constructive attitude for his subject, because his attitude has direct bearing upon the learning process and rate of children. A teacher should introduce the children with the life of great people in order to develop proper attitude towards life.


18. Resourcefulness :

A resourceful teacher is able to arrange for different resources (appliances, aids, etc.) as may be needed and make teaching more effective ang successful. A teacher should be creative and imaginative and it should be manifested in his activities clearly

19. Self-Confidence and Patience :

A teacher should be necessarily self-confident. Analysis and explanation of contents need patience and self-confidence in the teacher. In their absence, his behaviour becomes peevish and he fails in the task of teaching. It is necessary for a good teacher to possess patience, tolerance and self-confidence, only then he can solve students' problems effectively and easily

20. Good Health :

A teacher should be healthy physically and mentally. He should possess good moral character. Generally it is said that a sound mind resides in a sound body. If the health of a teacher is not good, he may not be able to do his work well, because energy and vigour bring enthusiasm to the work of teaching. It is not necessary for a teacher to be only physically strong, he should be conscious, and it is all the more necessary and important.

Professional qualities of a teacher