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How can Schools Prevent Juvenile Delinquency


Preventing Juvenile Delinquency in School

Meaning of Delinquency 


Any behaviour which is violative of social rules or laws, if it is done by an adult person, is called crime and if it is done by an child is called delinquency.

The anti - social or illegal behaviour by children is thus called delinquency. In different countries the age of settling delinquency is different. The age in India is more than 7 years and less than 15 years.

In other words, the child is a criminal who breaks rules, do vagrancy and who has got used to disobedience. Its behaviour is such that it can harm the health and morality of others.


Duties of School to prevent Juvenile Delinquency


To prevent Juvenile Delinquency, the school may arrange as under :-

1) Coordination of home and school activities:

Teachers should take concrete steps to prevent Delinquency problems before their parents.

2) Library and reading room:

The school has a good library and reading room to put them to good use of leisure. They will thus develop good habits and inculcate their interest.

3) Well-trained teachers:


The training of every school teacher is absolutely necessary. They should be educated from a psychological point of view in order to suit the needs of the children. The teacher try to understand the student.

4) Good environment:

The overall environment of the school should be made better. It should be used for playing fields, clean buildings, flowerbeds, proper seating places, etc. School environment should be healthy.

5) Character and ability:

It is the bounden duty of educators to strive to provide children with the best of interest and ability. The course should be in line with the interest and need of the students.

6) Good teaching:


In this method teachers should use the system of teaching that is suited to the children. Teaching methods should be used according to age and level.

7) Means of healthy entertainment:

It is necessary for a child to provide healthy recreation, arrange playgrounds, and good sports in every school.

8) Parents - Teachers Council:

It is necessary that the parents teachers council is set up to prevent child delinquency, so that teachers can make best suggestions to the children 's parents and the child' s parents can inform the teacher about the child 's home life and can discuss the students problems.

9) Teacher - teacher, teacher headmaster and teacher Student relation:


The relationship between the teacher and the headmaster should be good for providing education and building character to children. As far as possible, the student - teacher relationship should be familiar in nature.

10) Sex education:

Most teens commit sexual crimes. It is necessary for them to have sex education to prevent sexual crimes, because it helps them to have sublimation of sexual desire and development of healthy feeling.

11) Religious and Moral education:

It is very necessary to give religious and moral education to children, as it creates their character, in consequence of which they do not commit crimes.

12) Basic instincts:


Refinement of basic instincts and emotions is by way of an animal nature; as a result, it is the duty of teachers to refine and guide the child 's basic instincts and emotions. It is education that makes a man human from the animal.

13) Follow up Studies:

Children who commit crimes in school life should be occasionally cared for after their education is over.

14) Love and sympathy:

It is the duty of the teachers to adopt the attitude of love and sympathy towards the children to take them in the best path.

15) Promoting Physical and Mental health :-


Child is a psychophysical organism. So to improve his behavior, his body and mind must be healthy.

16) Art and literature:

It is necessary to give them artistic and literary knowledge to correct their animal instincts and to give them good qualities.

17) Scouting and Excursion:

It is the duty of every school to arrange scouting and study Tours to prevent child crime.


18) Education by work and experience:

To move the boys towards a health and source, they should provide themselves with proper work direction.