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Importance of Mathematics in daily life | Importance of Mathematics in Education


Importance or utility of Mathematics in Education 


Mathematics is very important in the field of education. Mathematics is related to mathematics in our daily life. Mathematics is the basis of civilization in the modern era. Apart from mother tongue, there is no other subject which is more relevant in daily life. Mathematics is considered the soul of business and the father of science. 

At present, Mathematics has been given a special place in the school curriculum. The main reason for this is that along with making the math student capable of earning his livelihood, he increases his knowledge and helps in learning and doing various tasks of life.


By developing the mental development of the students, it sharpens their intelligence. It develops the qualities of clarity, self-confidence, regularity, purity, concentration etc. in the students and helps in the formation of character.

Importance of Mathematics in Education 

The importance of mathematics can be explained in the following way


1. The importance of mathematics in terms of certainty and self-reliance 

Mathematics is such a subject which teaches a person certainty. Mathematics inculcates perseverance and confidence in the students. The purification of truth or untruth and the investigation of impure is done only through mathematics. Mathematics inculcates self-reliance and confidence in the students. This is the reason why Mathematics occupies such an important place in the curriculum.

2. Importance of maths in daily life 

(Importance of mathematics in daily life)


The life around us and our day to day behavior is completely full of mathematics. We need a little math to explain everything. In daily life, we need the knowledge of all mathematics outside the house, market, buying and selling, income expenditure etc. Without mathematics our life would be like a dumb, deaf and blind world. 

A person without knowledge of mathematics can neither run the family smoothly nor do anything in the society. If the students were not exposed to elementary mathematics from the very beginning, they would have been unable to explain and understand the experiences in their lives.

3. Importance of mathematics in the study of nature


Mathematics is in nature as well as in the human mind. The biggest feature of mathematical nature is change and variation. Mathematics is an calculus that studies variation. For this reason calculus is called the mathematics of nature. Mathematics proves to be very useful in the knowledge of natural phenomena such as Sun, Moon, time of rising and setting of stars, their position and direction etc.

4. Aesthetic importance of mathematics


The beauty of mathematics lies in its simplicity, completeness etc. Young has written in very clear words, " Mathematics is studied properly and concretely, then students are able to enjoy its beauty."

5. Intellectual importance of mathematics 


Mathematics teaching is very important for mental and intellectual development. As soon as a math problem comes in front of you, your brain becomes active in understanding the problem and solving it. Every math problem requires mental effort and through that the student's powers of thinking, reasoning, analyzing and reasoning are developed.

6. Importance of mathematics in regulatory and variety


Mathematics is such a subject, teaching of which makes the students practice to work irregularly and methodically, because until the activities in mathematics are not solved according to the rules and method, the net result cannot be obtained. In this way, mathematics generates the ability to work regularly and methodically in the students.

7. Importance of mathematics in accuracy and clarity


In terms of clarity and accuracy, mathematics is such a subject which cannot be compared to any other subject. In most other subjects, estimation works, but in mathematics, estimation has no place. Therefore, from mathematics, the student also gets the knowledge of correctness.

8. Importance of mathematics in economic and social progress


Modern age is the age of science. Economic and social progress is also the result of science, but science also cannot run without mathematics. For this reason, mathematics has a special place in the curriculum. In the economic field, business, industry, transport, agricultural trade, etc. there is no such field which can run without mathematics. Science itself is also based on mathematics. Knowledge of mathematics also becomes essential for progress in the society.

9. International importance of mathematics


The study of mathematics increases the spirit of mutual co-operation among different nations. Mathematicians and scientists of all countries meet and exchange views on any new theory or research work and use it for the benefit of the entire mankind.

10. Utility based importance of mathematics


The usefulness of mathematics in practical life is much more than other subjects. In daily life, all people have to do buying and selling, measuring, adding and subtracting, accounting for diseases etc. In this way, math is needed everywhere in home, office, business. Hence daily life cannot be imagined without mathematical phenomena.