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Objectives of Science Teaching | Aims and Objectives of Teaching of Science


Aims and Objectives of Teaching of Science  


Need of Objectives in Teaching 


To get complete information about any subject, it is necessary to consider its objectives. In the absence of knowledge of objectives, teaching work cannot be done properly.

A scholar says in this regard, "A teacher without knowledge of purpose is like a sailor who does not know his goal and his learner is like a rudderless boat that drifts towards the shore after being thrashed by the waves of the sea."

The main drawback of today's education is that it is purposeless. Teachers do not know for what purpose they are teaching and students also do not know for what purpose they are getting education.


Therefore, in such a situation, it becomes very necessary to decide the objectives of science education . When the objectives are set, both the teacher and the student are benefited and the teaching work goes on smoothly.

The feeling of attraction towards the subject is born only when the objectives are fixed. Once the objectives are fixed, the work of the teacher becomes easy and the students develop self-confidence and determination. They come to know that the work they are doing is meaningful and purposeful. This feeling increases enthusiasm in both the parties.


Objectives of teaching of science

As mentioned above, before teaching any subject, it is necessary to set some objectives for that subject. The same thing is true for the science subject as well.

In order to make unexpected changes in the behavior of the students, it is necessary that some objectives should be set before teaching and knowledge should be imparted to the students on the basis of those objectives.

To set the objectives, it is necessary to take care of some of the following things:-


  • The objectives should meet the needs and interests of the children.
  • Learning objectives should lead to a change in behaviour.
  • The objectives should help in evaluating the progress of the children.
  • The objectives should be made to achieve the goal of democratic education.
  • The objectives should provide support for the sorting and organization of supporting material.


There are various criteria for setting objectives, some of the main criteria are as follows :


  • Objectives should be based on psychological principles.
  • Those objectives should be recognized everywhere in the world of democratic education.
  • The objectives should be such that they can be achieved under normal circumstances.
  • With those objectives, it should be possible that classroom teaching can bring unexpected changes in the behavior of the children.
  • The objectives should be such that the teacher can use them, that is, they should be useful.


Objectives of Science Teaching 

Objectives of teaching of science at Primary level 


At the primary level, emphasis should be laid on cleanliness, building healthy habits and development of observation power in the first and second grade.

Students should be provided with adequate knowledge of the main concepts, assumptions, principles and reactions of the environment related to physics and biology.

Health care and cleanliness should be included under the study in the third and fourth category.

The focus should also be on the environment related to physical science, biology, social science of the students.


Objective of teaching of science at Secondary level 


There is no unanimity among the scholars on what should be the objectives of science teaching at the secondary level. Different scholars have presented their different views. 

The scholars of science teaching at the secondary stage have set the following three objectives.

1. Practical Objectives:- Science is not just a subject of reading and teaching on the basis of book science but it is a practical subject. The main objective of science education is to explain to the students that the relation of science is not only limited to books and laboratories, but it is also related to daily life. Science teaching can be successful only when science teaching is based on daily life activities.


2. Cultural Objectives :- Modern age is the age of science. In fact, science has greatly influenced modern culture. That's why the study of science is necessary to understand modern culture. In this way, imparting knowledge of modern culture through science teaching is another objective.

Throwing light on the cultural purpose Nirmala Gupta written, "The teacher who did not generate in his students some emotional feelings like; rapturous phenomenon, supernatural affection, yearning to see the wonderful things and people of the world, cannot be called a real teacher of science."  

Most of the inventions of science are related to some joy, sacrifice, affection and enthusiastic events.

The study of the life of Edison, Newton, Archimedes, etc., will, therefore, give the children a new spirit of psychological sensibility and a new cultural sentiment.


3. Disciplinary Objectives :- One of the objectives of science teaching is to generate mental discipline in the students. It is necessary to make this effort through science teaching so that the mental process of the students can function properly.

For the fulfillment of this purpose only the observation and experimental power of the students is developed.

Teachers present various problems before them and students try to solve them by their mental ability. This is how mental discipline is generated.


Purpose or Goal 


  • Objectives are uncertain and unclear.
  • Objectives are long-term which lead a person towards greatness.
  • Objectives are personal.
  • Objectives are indirect.
  • Objectives are formal.
  • Purpose is a general statement.
  • Objectives do not provide clear instructional instruction to the learners.
  • Objectives are broad.
  • Achieving the objective requires a long period of time.
  • There is idealism in purpose.
  • The objective is to inculcate professional skills, interests, competencies, abilities and dexterity in the students.


Attainable objective 


  • Attainable objectives are definite and clear.
  • Attainable objectives are short term.
  • Attainable objectives are objective.
  • Attainable objectives are visible.
  • Attainable objectives provide definite and clear instructions to the learners or students.
  • Attainable objective is a definite statement
  • Attainable objectives are specific
  • Attainable objectives can be achieved in a short period of time
  • Psychology is the basis of attainable objectives.