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Role of Religion in Education of Gender Equality


Role of Religion in Education of Gender Equality 


The role of religion in education of challenging gender equality is of utmost importance, but religion must take certain precautions while playing its role in the education of equality, such as -

1. While making religion a part of the education of challenging gender equality, it should be especially kept in mind that education is devoid of narrow religious ideas or religious distinctions.

 2. While organising religious education, it should be kept in mind that it should be able to achieve democratic values on educational objectives.


 3. For religion 's effective role in education of challenging gender equality, it must be maintained that secularism should not be harmed in any way.

 4. All religions should develop a sense of equanimity. Religion must join hands in organizing challenging gender equality as it is the religion of all kinds of educated, illiterate, rural and urban, poor and rich. Therefore, when something is said to be propagated by religion, it comes with the followers of the particular religion.

The role of religion in education of Gender Equality is as follows:


1. By religious mobility - 

Through religious mobility, religions play an important role in education for the equality of challenging gender. Religious mobility means the removal of the evils, the sham and the obstructing elements in religion and their replacement of religion as part of one 's life and dynamism. Through dynamism, religion attaches equal importance to both men and women.


2. Introduction to the widest possible and basic forms of religion :  

Whatever religion may be, it emphasises love, humanity and living together, but it is in its unvarying stream that religion is being used to create differences and differences. In the circumstances, religion has been coming back again to the essential character of religion, making it relevant and useful, bringing about a positive role of religion in the education of women.


3. Religious conferences and practices :  

It is through religion that religious gatherings and activities are conducted from time to time, thereby emphasizing the elimination of discrimination. The importance of women in religious gatherings and activities is an inspiration for the education of challenging gender equality through the description of women 's work and their social role and importance.


4. Through the participation and respect of women : 

If the religions in which women are Shared equally, are treated with respect, so are the followers of such religion.

5. Through the moral evolution of character :

Religion serves the moral and moral upliftment of its followers, thereby not respecting, respecting women, and maltreating them in the society. Women are equal and secure in the moral and moral uplifting society. Thus, religion contributes in the work of character and moral development in the education of challenging gender equality.


6. The honour of the doctrine of karma :  

It is the belief of religions that karma is worship, that is, the person who performs his duties is the true religious one and that the person who disregards his duty cannot be a religious one. A society that is influenced by the dominant religion of karma will have no sexual differences, for there will be culture of action. Women have all kinds of rights and freedom which will enhance their education.


7. Social evils and distinctions : 

The declaration of emotions as non - religious, the difference between certain social evils and human beings through religion has been declared religious in our place, and the fear of individuals in that religion in performing these acts. Infanticide of girls and infanticide, child - marriage, dowry, etc. are considered harmful in all religions which may lead to the evasion of these practices by those who indulge in these acts otherwise they will have to be excluded from religion. Thus, through this act of religion, the education of equality of challenging gender is increasing.


8. The establishment of schools: 

At religious places, people offer gifts, gifts, gold, silver and other expensive things, donations which now use by religious trusts and societies, schools, hospitals, etc., for the cause of public good. With the establishment of schools for girls and poor children by religious institutions, education for equality has increased.

9. Spread of awareness : 

Religion tries to make people aware. This awareness is conducted on matters such as child marriage, girls' education, anti - addiction, etc. Spread of awareness leads to an increase in education for equality of challenging gender.


10. Association from other agencies : 

Religion is an effective and powerful institution. Therefore, religion seeks cooperation with other agencies in the cause of challenging gender education, which has led to an increase in the education of equality of challenging gender.