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What is Story telling Method ? Merits and Demerits of Story telling method


What is Story telling Method ?


Story telling method is a useful method of teaching language at primary level as young children are very fond of listening to stories from their parents, grandparents, grandmothers, etc. Thus any knowledge can be given to them through the story easily. They can also be taught through stories. Teachers should master the art of story - telling and making.

Story telling method is an important method of teaching social studies. It helps the teacher to attracts the attention of the students. Through this method, imagination and curiosity are generated in the students' minds. This method is an psychological method by means of which natural forces are developed in children. Through this, the teacher is able to make text items simpler and more interesting for the students and hence, the students should be told the stories of great men, social reform, writers, saints, explorers and scientists.


Merits and Demerits of Storytelling Method 


Merits of Storytelling Method 

1. By teaching the story telling method, the interest and curiosity of the children remains in the lesson.

2. There is a psychological method.

3. In this, along with gaining knowledge, children are also entertained.

4. Through this method it is possible to reach the objectives to the children.


5. Frustrated and boring subject matter can also be made juicy and effective by storytelling method.

6. In this method only the real facts are kept in the group of students.

7. In this method the students do not want to run away from the class but keep waiting to hear the story.

8. A story must be told according to the state of mind of the students.


9. The teacher should tell the story in a clear and effective manner.

10. The story must be meaningful and genuine.

11. The teacher should also know the art of acting.

12. The teacher should share the story with the students.


13. The teacher should take into account the purpose of story - telling.

14. In the process of story - telling, helpful material should be used to make the content intelligible.

15. The story should not be long and should be related to the subject.


Demerits of Storytelling Method 

1. Not every teacher is proficient in the art of story telling and making.

2. Using it at a higher level is a bit difficult.

3. Not every teacher has the habit of telling an effective story, due to which the students start getting bored.


4. Even while using the story telling method, the teacher should take some precautions.

5. The inaction of the story makes the students passive listeners.

6. The story is full of imagination and this creates a sense of unreliability in the children.


Precautions of Story Telling Method

1. While preparing a story, the teacher should be fully aware of its objectives.

2. Teachers should take care of this kind of mental of the students.


3. The language style and content of the story should be in accordance with the mental level and taste of the students.

4. The style of teachers should be effective.

5. The story should be such that it increases the curiosity of the students.

6. Available teaching material should be used according to the context.


7. Must choose the story according to age of students.

8. The story should be brief and simple.

9. It should possess the subject matter of the story.

10. The manner of story - telling should be interesting, natural and passionate.


11. The story should be interesting and effective.

12. The story should be purposeful.