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Aims and Objectives of Health Education | b.ed notes


Aims and Objectives of Health Education 


Following are the main aims and objectives of health education-

  • The main goal of health education is to elevate the character of man.
  • Its objective is to prepare man for collective living.
  • Health education aims at tolerance, mutual co-operation and study of a human being from mental point of view.
  • It teaches man to make good use of time.
  • It is also a means of entertainment in humans.
  • To set a model of good health.
  • Creating a good environment
  • To achieve the above goals of health education, we have to follow certain objectives. 

To achieve these objectives, we need to keep the following things in mind-

Health and Physical Education b.ed notes 

(i) Knowledge of health care requirements – Through health education man can make his life happy and free from various diseases. For this, he needs to have knowledge of health related principles. Through this man is told that how important health is in life.

(ii) Health Guidance and Inspection- It is necessary for the parents to regularly inspect the clothes and general health of the child. Keeping in mind the child's attitude, condition and his circumstances, necessary directions should be given for his improvement so that the child can easily overcome his shortcomings.


(iii) Efforts to improve the health of the child – The main objective of health education is to try to improve the health of the child. Parents should always keep this in mind that many children remain unwell because they have not been trained to be healthy in childhood.

(iv) Prevention of infectious diseases- Infectious diseases mainly arise due to contaminated environment and harm the body. For their prevention, it is necessary to first know about the reasons for which they occur, for how many days they occur and how they can be avoided. Health education is important for this.


(v) Development of good health attitudes - It is very important for parents and teachers to have knowledge of various rules of health education so that they can motivate children to remain completely healthy.

(vi) Complete examination of the child's health - One of the objectives of health education is also to examine the various organs of the child so that if there is any deficiency or any defect in the body, it can be removed.


(vii) Giving knowledge and practice of first aid- while playing, exercising, bone fractures, injuries, burns, sprains, etc. incidents usually happen to the child. In such a situation, the teacher has to be ready for first aid. The child hurt by such incidents should be taken to the doctor.

(viii) To inform the parents and other members of the society about health related rules and principles.