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Importance of Disciplines for Teacher | Understanding Discipline and School Subject


Understanding Discipline And School Subject b.ed notes 


Importance of Disciplines for Teacher :-


A teacher will be able to discharge his duties properly only when he has knowledge of the subject matter.

In present times the role of teacher has become widespread. Therefore, he must have general knowledge of all subjects. 

The importance of subjects for a teacher can be explained through the following points-

1) Ability to solve educational problems :-

A teacher can solve educational problems only through the knowledge of the subjects. On many occasions, it is seen that in clarifying a topic, the help of other subjects of the same faculty is required or the help of subjects of another faculty is required.


In this situation, by using the inter-subject process, the teacher explains that topic to the students in a simple and natural way.

2) Effectiveness in teaching art :-

In the modern era, the field of knowledge has become very wide. In such a situation, when the teaching work is done by a teacher, such questions can also be asked by the student which are related to other subjects. 

In this situation, if the teacher has acquired knowledge about other subjects, then only he will be able to answer the questions of the student and make his teaching effective.

3) Development of effective teaching learning process :-


Effective teaching-learning process is born only on the basis of knowledge of subjects. In various subjects, those teaching methods are used by the teacher which are graded in a systematic and well-organized form and are helpful in determining the learning activities, so that the learning level of the students is high and the teaching-learning process is completed effectively.

4) Development of the tendency of self-study :-

The main purpose of knowledge of subjects is to develop the tendency of self-study in teachers. When a student asks a question to a teacher, he does not know what is the subject of his teacher? He just wants to satisfy his curiosity.


This fact can be widely seen at primary and upper primary level. In this situation a teacher can be successful only if he/she studies different subjects.

5) Development of the ability to discharge the best responsibility : -

Based on the knowledge of the subjects, the teacher can discharge his/her responsibility properly. 

On the basis of his knowledge, a teacher establishes co-relation between different subjects and clarifies any topic. 

For example, a social studies teacher makes teaching-learning effective by establishing a relationship between history, geography, economics, civics and sociology.

6) Development of comprehensive approach towards knowledge :-


It is only through the knowledge of the subjects that the teacher develops a comprehensive approach towards knowledge. He has to take support of various subjects and faculties in clarifying various types of topics and solving social and educational problems, due to which the teacher develops a comprehensive approach towards knowledge. 

On the basis of this, the teacher related to Science Faculty, Arts Faculty and the teacher of Arts Faculty wants to get general information about the subjects of Science Faculty.

7) Ability to solve social problems :-


Generally, social problems in the school rarely occur, but when they do, they create a very difficult situation. 

In such a situation, the teacher has to take support of the subjects. The solution of the problem becomes possible with the integrated knowledge of various faculties and their subjects. 

For example, the problem of casteism, untouchability, child marriage etc. and its solution.

8) Acquisition and teaching of balanced knowledge :-


Balanced knowledge is acquired by the teacher on the basis of the subjects. He studies its various aspects to solve any educational, personal and social problem. 

After that he solves the problem. In this way he gets a balanced form of knowledge and also does the teaching work in a balanced way.

From the above discussion it becomes clear that disciplinary knowledge is essentially required for a teacher. In this way, a teacher becomes the best teacher only by the knowledge of the subjects.